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10 Of Our Favorite Easy Home Decor DIYs (That Anyone Can Do)

Sometimes, nothing is as satisfying as rolling up your sleeves and really getting hands-on (especially when you’re making a stylish new item for your own home). And while some DIYs might seem overly complicated, there are plenty of projects that are cute, creative – and most importantly, easy. And we’re sharing 10 that you’ve got to try today.  

For a simple way to give your space a homemade touch, look no further than these must-do DIYs. These projects are all totally accessible (we promise!) and will just require a few supplies and basic tools you probably already have at home. And the results? They’ll look so good, even you won’t believe you made them!


Keep scrolling to see 10 easy DIY projects you can tackle in an afternoon (and are totally affordable too).


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Want to take an unframed canvas to the next level? Give it a floating frame – that you can make for just $10! With a few tools and pieces of 1″ x 2″ wood (which you can have cut at a home improvement store), you’ll have an elevated piece of art that looks custom – for a fraction of the price.



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Try this DIY to add some architectural interest to your average planter. By glueing foam pieces to a glass vase or metal planter, you can create a striking piece that will stand out on a shelf. Finish it off by spray painting the color of your choice and wait for the compliments to come rolling in!



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HAVE A BALL With Handy Hooks

No entryway is complete without a spot to drop of coats, bags, and all of life’s other necessities. And this playful project will ensure your entry is having a ball – literally. By transforming simple wooden shapes into handy hooks, you can create an easy addition to your wall that puts the fun in functional.



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It doesn’t get much easier than this absolutely-anyone-can-do it DIY.  All you need are a few canvas scraps (you can also use any paper) glue, and a little creativity, and you can make a graphic piece of art. Then just add any premade frame and presto! – a one-of-a-kind creation.



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Photo: Burkatron


Check out this totally easy tutorial for a hanging planter that’s an all-around favorite. Using embroidery hoops and string, this project’s got simple, Scandinavian appeal – and will certainly will make your favorite plant stand out.


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MEET YOUR MATCH With A Striking Striker

This bright idea will definitely light your fire (and your favorite candle). Using a small, empty plastic container and match strike paper, you can create a clever container for holding matches that also double as a surface to light them. Add a coat of paint, and it’s a stricking addition to your decor too.



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HACK A Handsome Headboard

This wall-mounted headboard is one of our favorite (and easiest) hacks – and it starts with a simple piece from Ikea. Simply wrap the Ivar side unit in cane, staple it on, and you have a custom creation to give your bedroom a real boost – just like that!


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Make A MIRROR That’s Having A Ball

Lets your walls have a ball with this round mirror DIY. Add some wooden half balls to a standard mirror, and you’ve got a budget-friendly piece that’s got graphic appeal – and will bounce light all over your space.


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Just a little bit of love can take a chair from outdated to outstanding. Reupholstering a fabric seat is such an easy way to add your favorite color or pattern to any piece, from the dining room to a bench in an entry.


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DISPLAY A Stylish Shelf

What we love about this DIY is that it takes just two simple materials – and three easy steps. Combining a wooden board with leather straps, you can create a seriously good-looking shelf that will work in any room of the house.


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