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10 Under $10: The Clever Products You Never Knew You Needed

What’s better than a product that can make your life a little bit easier? A product that also happens to be totally affordable. So from your kitchen to the closet to your carry-on, we’ve rounded up 10 items that manage to do both. These are the items you never knew you needed but won’t want to live without (all for under $10). 



Keep scrolling to discover all the 10 items under $10 – and make your home a whole lot smarter (while only spending a little).



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Leakproof Travel Containers

Ever arrived at your destination only to discover a total mess in your toiletry bag? Invest in this set of 4 leakproof silicone containers to keep all your liquids securely sealed.


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Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

Your closet is one area you definitely want to maximize. And these slim profile hangers are perfect for compact clothes hanging – with a nonslip surface to keep silky shirts from siding off.


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Cell Phone Stick on Wallet

For a clever way to keep your ID and cards close at hand, just apply this stick on your wallet to your phone (and enjoy one less thing to keep track of on a night out).



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Baby Baggu Reusable Bag

Here’s one very stylish – and sustainable – way to shop. Just grab this reusable bag on your way out the door and then fold it down into its tiny holder when done.


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Candle Wick Trimmer

To keep your candles burning better and brighter, just grab this simple trimmer and give your wicks a snip. (1/4″ is the idea length for a wick before lighting).


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Kitchen Cabinet Lid Organizer

If you’re stuck sorting through loads of lids every time you cook, try embracing this easy solution. A simple in cabinet organizer will keep them perfectly lined up, and also works for baking sheets, cutting boards or trays too!


BUY HERE for $10



12 In 1 Screwdriver Set

Sure, you probably have a screwdriver or two in your toolbox. But when it comes to tackling tiny objects (Like sunglasses, or electronics) you’ll want to have this set on hand. It’s made for all the compact crevices and tight spaces you’ll ever encounter.


BUY HERE for $10



Flower Food Powdered Packets

Want your fresh-cut flowers to flourish? Just add these powdered packets to the vase every few days. It will keep them in full bloom for a lot longer than just water alone.



BUY HERE for $9



Cooling Towel

Things are heating up this summer, so it’s crucial to stay cool while soaking up the sun. This clever towel is super absorbent and will keep you cool during a reals corcher (along with offering UPF 50 protection).


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Recyclable Kraft Tape

Did you know regular packing tape isn’t recyclable? (Neither did we). So the next time you need to seal and send, go for this eco-friendly option – that’s almost completely biodegradable.


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