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13 Products That Will (Actually) Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Design: Studio McGee

Some things are easier said than done. We all want a perfectly organized and efficient kitchen, but sometimes life (and getting dinner made, messes cleaned, and kids fed) gets in the way. However, with a few clever products, you can be well on your way to a kitchen that works well – no matter what life throws your way. 

The real key to an organized kitchen? Utilizing storage solutions to help you keep everything in its place – and easily accessible when you need it. You can make the most of your pantry, cabinets, under sink and fridge, keeping items out of sight – and grouped together to make tasks just a little bit easier on you. (And who doesn’t love that?) Ready to see what solutions we have in store?


Keep scrolling to see 13 of our favorite products for keeping your kitchen organized – and totally under control.



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1. Utility White Wire Kitchen Over the Door Rack
When cabinet space is limited, utilize the back of a door (and we do mean all of it) as an easy storage spot for extra pantry items, cleaning supplies, or spices.


2. Good Grips POP Container
Clear storage containers (that are also airtight) mean your food stays fresh, and you can see exactly how much you have left. Utilize different sizes for different needs and stack them to save space.


3. Bamboo KnifeDock
Keep all your knives easily (and safely) stored away with this in-drawer knife dock, which uses thin cork pieces to separate the blades – and help them stay sharp.


4. Kitchen Cabinet Turntable
Turn empty cabinet space into extra storage with this handy turntable. You’ll only be a quick spin away from easily accessing your supplies.


5. Pantry Cabinet Bottle Holders
For a smarter way to store bottles or cans, think horizontally. It not only saves space, but keeps things at arms length in the front of the fridge.


6. Acrylic Drawer Bin
Available in 3 sizes, these convenient bins can help corral anything you’ve got in a drawer, and keep like items tucked together to save you the hassle of searching.


7. Slide Out Pan Lid Holder
Never dig through a drawer for a lid again! This clever contraption holds all your lids upright and ever so easily slides out when you need to grab one.



8. Portable Bluetooth Label Maker
The key to always knowing what’s stored in a container? Label everything. And it doesn’t get any easier than this Bluetooth enabled label maker (which connects to your phone).


9. Custom Drawer Organizer Strips
Maximize the function of a disorderly drawer with these simple strips. Just snap them together to create compartments tailored to your needs.


10. Two Tier Storage Bin Organizer With Dividers
In tight spots, stacking is the way to go. This tiered storage system will fit into a narrow cabinet, and even has adjustable dividers to separate items.


11. Kitchen Rack
Made for a small space, this rack can help keep a countertop un-cluttered, and give you a spot to stash everyday essentials.


12. Three Tier Spice Rack
Simple and stylish, this rack will do the trick for handsomely displaying spices.


13. Under Cabinet Organizer Shelves
Create instant organization with this hanging wire shelf. It’s ideal for placing in the fridge, or under a floating shelf for even more storage.




  1. Love these organizing tips especially the buying guide. Each item you share is affordable, accessible and found at all my favorite stores! The gorgeous photos are inspiring and motivate me to get going!

    1. Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment! Hope you found some good ideas for your own kitchen. xx -B

  2. Such a wonderful post and thank you for putting these together. I feel that a kitchen will never able able to look attractive if we don’t pay attention to keeping things clean and organized. Boxes and cans of different colors sitting everywhere can make a nice kitchen look super messy. So this post is such a nice guide for us all to transform our kitchen! Personally I love the door rack storage at number 1, super functional 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading! You’re right about not being able to enjoy the kitchen without organization. Hope you found some good ideas to keep yours beautiful and functional. xx -B