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The 13 Products Bobby Is Using To Fight The Winter Blahs

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Now that the holidays have come to an end, the tree is coming down and the stockings are being stored away until next year. And for many of us, the winter months can feel like a long stretch of darker days and chilly nights. But instead of letting the season dampen your spirits, employ one of these easy ideas to beat the winter blahs – and stay mentally fit.  

Winter can be a challenging season – and not just because of harsher weather. Shorter days mean less sunlight, which can lead to feelings of depression. And since we’re spending even more time indoors, cabin fever can make us go stir-crazy. But there are also easy ways you can embrace the season – by getting cozy, bringing in light, and using scent to stimulate – that will help you make the most of winter, no matter where you are.


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Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a proven way to feel comforted and secure (it’s like a wearable hug!) This fuzzy fleece version will keep you warm and toasty all season. And if you haven’t tried one before I have to admit – they are pretty amazing, once you try it you’ll know what I am talking about.


BUY HERE for $49

Facial Steam

2020 gave us a big ol’ slap in the face (metaphorically speaking) – so do yourself a favor and give your skin some much-needed love. Mixing together rose, lavender, and calendula, this facial steam will help enhance blood flow, eliminate impurities, and open up your pores for much-needed winter moisturizing.


BUY HERE for $20

Light Therapy Lamp

Anyone else feeling down lately with the time change and the days getting dark at around 4:30pm? Well, you are not alone and while we can’t change the clocks or the sun this little lamp can give you some much-needed light therapy. Simulating natural daylight, this circular lamp can help brighten up the darkest of days- and enhance your mood and wellbeing in the winter months.


BUY HERE for $35

Essential Oils Set

If you haven’t tried essential oils consider this your official invitation. From calming to energizing to promoting sound sleep, the benefits of essential oils are endless. Whether you use them in a diffuser, you place a few drops into the bathtub, or you add them directly to your skin this set of 4 (lavender, eucalyptus, spruce, and grapefruit) will get you prepared for a season of self-care.


BUY HERE for $45


Get Happy Tea

Finding new rituals and setting intentions is a proven way to help you boost your mood and find more productivity. For a serious boost on a blustery day, brew a cup of this mood enhancing tea. Calming lemon balm, St. John’s wort, and Rhodiola will take the winter blues away in no time – and if you are a coffee drinker you could try swapping out your second cup for one of these.


BUY HERE for $15

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Did you know that when temperatures drop, so does the humidity in your home? Less humidity can make it harder to sleep and breathe so when the winter months hit (right now) adding a little extra boost of humidity can go a long way. A simple ultrasonic humidifier (which is virtually silent) will add moisture and help you breathe a little easier.


BUY HERE for $30

Neck Wrap Therapy Pack

If you’re hunched over a computer easing back into what work life looks like from home then a warm wrap will feel oh so good when placed on sore muscles (or just to warm up on a chilly morning). Plus, this one is handmade using lentils (really!) and comes in a pleasing graphic pattern.


BUY HERE for $44

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

You should be giving yourself at least 1 hour each day of “you time”. That means no distractions and something that is specifically just for you. You can soak your way to a better day with these uplifting bath bombs. Bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, and lime will stimulate the senses, leaving you moisturized and in post-bath bliss.


BUY HERE for $12

Electric Kettle

While boiling water over the stove is a fully acceptable way to do it – how nice does it sound to flip a switch and have this aesthetically pleasing kettle do it for you. A hot cup of tea is just a click away with this easy (and super stylish) electric kettle. It’s sure to be a staple in your kitchen (just like Bobbys).


BUY HERE for $60

Simple Fare: Fall and Winter Cookbook

Chef Karen Mordechai shares 65 streamlined recipes focused on seasonal ingredients and comforting meals. The ideal kitchen companion to keep you well feed all winter.


BUY HERE for $35

Soft White LED Light Bulbs

Good lighting goes a long way – especially in the months when daylight is at a premium. So switch out all your lightbulbs to more pleasing soft white versions, which cast a warm glow (and are fully dimmable).


BUY HERE for $12

Tabletop Firepit

Don’t have a fireplace? We’ve got the next best thing. It’s bigger than a candle flame and smaller than a fireplace flame – this tabletop firepit uses rubbing alcohol to create a vibrant fire (and is totally safe for use indoors). You can even roast marshmallows over it!


BUY HERE for $49

Quartz Table Lamp

Thought to amplify energy and provide healing properties, quartz is an ideal stone to keep around during wintertime. And this simple quartz lamp would make a lovely addition to a nightstand. It also sets of a very soft glow at night which helps you ease into your slumber.


BUY HERE for $16

  1. Love the products. Been wanting to get a lamp for my husband nice to see one reasonably priced. He has S.A.D and the winter is always the worst time of year for him

  2. I wanted to express how much I appreciate Bobby on Queer Eye. I love this blog, and I love the enormous impact he makes on people’s lives in the show. I think he is underappreciated because of his low key personality. Bobby is my favorite. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Sending you lots of love and Happy New Year! xx -B

  3. Thanks for all these great ideas. I’m planning to change all my lightbulbs to get the warm glow. We need it here in Minnesota where days are so short! Much love to you Bobby.

    1. Hope the new lightbulbs make a difference! xx -B

  4. That mini fire pit is so cute! Love the idea of roasting marshmallows on it indoors.

    1. What a cute idea! It’s nice to find ways to bring in the outdoor experiences to your home. xx -B

  5. I’ve always used a humidifier in the winter to keep my skin feeling less dry. Will definitely try this facial steam too. Thanks for sharing Bobby, big fan of yours.

    1. I find humidifiers to be essential during winter times too. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  6. Can you include those of us who live abroad in your shopping lists? Europe is not that far away!

  7. That hotel pictured up top is gorgeous! Lodge living looks so inspiring in winter!

    I love the mini fire pit; I had no idea they were available for indoors! The electric kettle you found here is the nicest one I’ve ever seen – they are always white and plastic – so I’m going to buy this one.

    Always a lovely collection of items.

  8. You posted some organization products not long ago and I can’t find them in my email. There was a package you could buy with a felt organizer, glass container with lid and more. Any ideas? Thanks

    1. I included some glass container options in this post and you can also see all our storage favorites here. xx -B