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15 Of The Best Lamps For Under $100

There’s a lot to love about the wintertime. But the sun setting super early, well, that isn’t one of them. But getting through those long and dark winter nights is easier when you’ve got a bit of brightness. And we’ve got 15 ways to make your space shine all season long (and do it on a budget, too).

Modern, metal, wood, or woven, we’ve found a lamp for any interior style. So keep scrolling for all check out our favorite floor and table lamps – all for under $100!



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Gold Stoneware Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $87

Matte White Ceramic Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $50

Metal LED Sphere Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $71

Angelo Rattan Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $89

Double Handle Ceramic Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $70

Wood Spiral Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $77

Woven Natural Lantern


BUY HERE for $100

Seagrass Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $75

Small Glass Table Lamp


BUY HERE for $89

Resin & Metal LED Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $89

Mid-Century Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $70

Wood Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $90

Green Stick Metal Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $90

Metal Shade Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $97

Valencia Brass Floor Lamp


BUY HERE for $90



  1. Hi Mr. Berk, my name is pam. I love your style, I love to watch you all on Queer Eye. I so badly want to get a simple stylish look for my entire home. I don’t have money, but my daughter is really crafty, she can mock a lot of things. I just want ideas for a small kitchen, very small bathroom and a small dining/living room. If I take a picture of the rooms in my house and send you measurements of each room, can you give me ideas? You guys are a live television magazine. I love, love, love y’all. I feel a little shame doing this, but I don’t care, and I need some of the t-shirts that Karamo wears with the slogans on them. Yaay

    1. Hi Pam. I’m unfortunately not able to accept photos and provide specific design advice through the website. But I encourage you to look through our archive of posts as we have tons of advice and tips related to small spaces. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. xx -B

  2. Hi Bobby,

    I just want to say you have done an amazing job in making your skills and talent accessible. There are so many great tips and direct links to the items you recommend so anyone can get actual achievable results in designing their place. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort it must take to do this, especially because design is always evolving with lifestyle. So thank you, thank you thank you thank you!