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24 Ways To Relax, Stay Healthy And Treat Yourself At Home

In times of uncertainty, when everyone is facing daily stress, taking care of yourself takes on a new importance. And although you can’t control the world around you, there are ways you can take control of your own personal wellness, and take time to truly relax.

Staying healthy, both mentally and physically, can be challenge (never more so than right now). But while you’re at home keeping a safe distance, why not take this time as an opportunity to enrich (or start) your wellness routine? It can be as simple as changing just one thing, whether it’s allowing yourself some relaxation,  strengthening your immunity, or even treating yourself to some simple luxury. We’ve got 24 options to get you started- and help you relax, keep yourself healthy, and even indulge (just a little).


Keep scrolling to see all our picks for simple (and affordable) ways to step up your self-care.


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Relax & De-Stress

With things in the world changing every single day, there are plenty of things to worry about. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed and focus on the negative. Instead, try giving yourself a moment (or even a couple hours) a day to let go of your stress and fully relax. It’s not only good for your mental health but taking time to relax has also been proven to improve physical health as well. It can be as simple as lighting a scented candle, using a handheld massager to ease away tension, or adding soaking salts to a warm bath. You can also incorporate an anti-stress supplement, soothing body lotion, or essential oil spray into your daily routine. And to help you look less stressed, try a hydrating face mask or jade roller.


1. Zen Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement | 2. Aloe & Bergamot Wellness Candle | 3. Stress Check Breathe In Oil | 4. Stress-Fix Body Lotion | 5. Jade Face Roller | 6. Calm Bath Soaking Salts | 7. Green Mini Massager | 8. Hydrating Coconut Gel Masks 


“Taking care of yourself is productive. ”

Stay Healthy

There’s no shortage of ways to stay healthy. Besides working out and eating well, there are also some simple steps you can take to improve your self-care. To help boost your immunity, try a daily herbal supplement, antioxidant tea, or tablet that dissolves in water. Get your morning stretch on to help get invigorated for the day. You can make the task of daily flossing a little less tedious with a sleek (and easy to use) refillable flosser. And personal wellness can also extend to WFH. Wear a pair of blue light blocking glasses to help protect your eyes from too much screen exposure. And to help keep you stay ergonomically aligned while getting work done, try a clever posture trainer and a memory foam seat cushion.


1. 1,500 Stretches Book | 2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses | 3. Upright -Go Posture Trainer | 4. Your Tea Wellness Box | 5. Quip Metal Refillable Flosser | 6. Source Naturals Wellness Formula Supplement | 7. Memory Foam Ergonomic Seat Cushion | 8. Nuun Immunity Support Tablets

Treat Yourself

Sometimes, it’s nice to treat yourself to something a bit luxurious. (C’mon a little bit of indulgence never hurt!) These items might not be essential, but they’re sure to bring you some much-needed joy. To add a little luxury to bedtime, go for a set of soft and crisp sheets, and a rejuvenating eye mask. For elevating your daily serving of tea, try this chic ceramic teapot and oh so clever cup warmer. A gemstone infused water bottle takes daily hydration to a new level, and plush slippers or cashmere socks will make lounging around the house practically extravagant.  And to treat yourself to some peace and quiet, go for a pair of rose gold noise-canceling headphones that are not only affordable but have over 2500 positive ratings.


1. Glass Water Bottle with Rose Crystal Gemstone | 2. Sage Percale Sheet Set | 3. Ceramic Teapot | 4. Noise Cancelling Headphones | 5. Smart Cup Warmer | 6. Lamo Serenity Women’s Slipper | 7. Cashmere Socks | 8. Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask



Let us know the ways you’re unwinding, improving your wellness and treating yoiurself in the comments below.

  1. Just reading the post – feeling better already. Making myself get up earlier and go for a half hour walk in nearby park before too many people about, coming home for shower and herbal tea and make myself read something positive before the work of the day. So refreshing. Thanks for all the ongoing inspiration ?

    1. Love hearing that our story made you feel better. Stay safe and healthy xx -B