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3 Things You Can Do At Home To Instantly Be Happier

Happiness is a state of mind, an emotion, and something we can practice each day. And while you can’t control everything that happens in your life, you can take control of certain aspects that will have an outsize impact on how you feel. And these are the 3 simple things you can do at home to boost your mood in just minutes – and instantly be happier! 

There’s an undeniable (and scientific) connection between your home and your happiness. So what better time than today to learn about the small actions you can take at home to improve and advocate for your mental health. These steps might seem rather minuscule in the grand scheme of your overall well-being, but starting small is the key to forming a larger habit of happiness. So let’s learn how to make it happen!



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3 ways to instantly be happier

1. Tackle Your Junk Mail 

A pile of unopened mail isn’t just an eyesore and a cause of clutter. It’s also preventing your mind from being fully open and clear. The best method to handle it and feel happier? Sort through mail as soon as it arrives, toss direct mail into the recycling bin, and place other important mail in a dedicated spot. The same goes for your e-mail inbox! Keep it clear and don’t forget to go through that spam folder too!

3 ways to instantly be happier

2. Make Your Bed Everyday

How will tucking in your sheets and fluffing your duvet make you happier? It’s less about the physical act itself and more about the intention of bringing order, balance and a sense of accomplishment. Taking just a few seconds each morning to straighten things out sets your brain on a positive path (and also looks visually appealing). Plus, it has plenty of other benefits, from helping you be more productive, decreasing stress, and even helping you sleep better!

3 ways to instantly be happier

3. Organize The Medicine Cabinet 

You’ve hopped out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom, and opened up the medicine cabinet – only to discover a lot of disorder. Just because it is hidden behind a door doesn’t mean you can just ignore it! This is another area of your home that can aid in your happiness, but only after you’ve invested some time in getting it organized. And if you don’t have a medicine cabinet, the same idea applies to your vanity drawers, bathroom shelves, or countertop.