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36 Affordable Faucets For An Easy Kitchen And Bath Update

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We all spend countless hours at our kitchen and bathroom sinks (especially since we’ve all been washing our hands a lot more recently). So what better time to make a small change that can bring a whole new look (and more functionality) to your space. It’s time to freshen things up with a new faucet.

Replacing your existing faucet is a great way to make an easy upgrade to your kitchen or bath (especially if your home or apartment came with a generic builder faucet that’s seriously lacking in design). You can also bring in a different style faucet – something more modern, traditional or streamlined – to better reflect your taste or the look of your kitchen. While installing a faucet may seem daunting, it’s an easier fix than you might think. A licensed plumber can replace a faucet in no time at all. (We break down everything you need to know about install a bit later). And while faucets come in lots of finishes, we’re focusing on aour three favorites: black, brass and silver.


Keep scrolling to see all our picks for bathroom and kitchen faucets (all under $200) and all the info you need to freshen up your faucet.


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FAUCET Fundamentals

Before you start to shop for a new faucet, it’s important to know what type you currently have. Kitchen and bathroom faucets come in a number of different mounting styles, based on how the faucet connects. Here are the different styles and what sets them apart:


  • Bridge – The levers and the faucet itself “branch off” of one horizontal pieces that looks like a bridge. They can have two or three holes and are most common in a kitchen.
  • Wall Mount – Faucets that mount directly to the wall. They can have one or two handles
  • Center Set – Faucets that combine a spout and handles on a single base unit that’s typically 6″ wide.
  • Wide Spread – Faucets with three separate pieces — two handles and a spout.
  • Single Hole – Faucets with just one hole. A single hole faucet may also have a mounting plate that surrounds it.
  • Vessel – Faucets that work with a vessel sink, which sits on the top of a counter. They are typically higher than a regular faucet.



For a plumber to change out a faucet, the average national cost of installation is about $250. While it may seem like a considerable amount, consider it an investment in your home. Plus, adding a new faucet can reduce your water usage and improve the functionality of your sink by adding a built-in sprayer.


To find a licensed plumber in your area, check out Home Advisor. You can also visit Home Depot or Lowes, which offer faucet installation services.

For everything else you need to know about plumbers, sinks, and faucets, click here.




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Design: Anna Barnett

Brass faucets are a truly versatile option – they’ll work in every style, from farmhouse to modern organic, mid-century to industrial. If you’re looking for a lot of shine, lacquered or polished brass is for you, while unlacquered brass will age the most, giving you a wonderful patina over time. And for the look of brass (without the cost or upkeep), a gold metal finish will also work nicely.


1. Polished Brass Heritage Bridge Faucet | 2. Concord Polished Brass 1-Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet | 3. Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer | 4. Single Hole Brass Bathroom Faucet | 5. Nyvattnet Polished Brass Kitchen Faucet | 6. Deck Mounted 3-Hole Antique Brass Widespread Bathroom Faucet | 7. Georgian Polished Brass Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucet | 8. Single Hole Brass Faucet | 9. Double Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet | 10. Antique Brass Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet | 11. Vintage Polished Brass Wall Mount Double Handle Kitchen Faucet | 12. Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

  1. i love everything from your website
    may i ask if you help me to renovate certain things in my co op apt – how youwill help me from start to finish/
    can you give me your consultation charges and entire project coast please
    best and healthy regards

      1. We have new Caledonia counters, cherry slate traditional cabinets, ss sink and Tuscan ss fridge… no idea what finish to chose (currently have builder grade low profile chrome). Help!!

        1. I would suggest sticking with stainless steel for the faucet. I think bringing in another finish, since you have the Tuscan fridge, would overly complicate the space. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  2. Thoughts on adding a black or gold faucet in a kitchen with mostly silver appliances, sink, etc? Does mixing finishes create a non-cohesive look? Would matching black drawer pulls and light fixtures help balance?? Thanks!

    1. You can absolutely bring in black or gold with silver appliances! Silver is almost like a neutral when it comes to kitchens, so bringing in a different finish isn’t an issue, but I would keep it limited to 2 finishes. Adding black drawer pulls would also help balance things out. Thanks so much for reading. xx -B

  3. I’m in the process of redoing my bathroom (thanks covid) and am thinking of doing brass knobs on my vanity with brass faucets and a brass light above the mirror, and then black fixtures everywhere else. Will this work, or will it clash

    1. I would keep all your fixtures (faucet, shower head, etc) the same finish and then do a different finish for hardware and lighting. Keeping fixtures the same will help with continuity in the space. Thanks for reading and good luck! xx-B

  4. I was planning on renovating my house and was looking for some faucets for my house when I discovered your article. Your article has presented some of the best faucets that I have ever seen. All the faucets really look so good it is really difficult to just select a few from so many great options available. Thank you.

    1. When in doubt, I always say go for a more simple and timeless style. Thanks so much for your comment. xx -B