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4 Easy Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A High-End Hotel

There’s a lot to love about a luxury hotel – including their envy-inducing bathrooms. But even if you won’t be checking in, you can still recreate the look and feel of a high-end hotel – right in your own space! All you need are few easy upgrades and you can turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat (worthy of 5 stars).

There’s one thing that all our favorite hotels have in common: well-appointed and stylish bathrooms . And while extending our stay to enjoy the amenities might not be an option (we wish), making your own bathroom a stylish escape totally is. And today, we’re showing you how!


Keep scrolling to see 4 easy ways to bring a high-end look to your bathroom (without a high price tag).


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Add Perfectly Plush Towels

One thing you can always count on in any high-end hotel: a towering pile of plush bath towels. There’s no easier way to add an elevated feel to your own bath than with this simple absorbent accessory. So for that classic hotel feel, we suggest sticking with all-white Turkish cotton or a more modern waffle weave. Whatever you choose, it’s all about abundance. Keep a pile of extra towels neatly stacked on a shelf or under a vanity, and it will feel like housekeeping has just stopped by.



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Upgrade Your Shower Head

Even something as every day as a shower can get the high-end treatment (by adding a bit of high pressure). Take your standard shower head to a luxury level with a hotel quality option that will make getting clean feel ahhhh -mazing. For the ultimate indulgence, opt for a wide rainfall shower head that will totally transport you, or easily add a multi-function handheld shower with a hose for even more options. And no need to call in a pro -you can easily change a showerhead yourself. Check out how it’s done HERE.



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Photo: The Hoxton

Switch To Stylish Sconces

Elevated lighting is another signature (and essential) of any stylish hotel bath. And besides providing plenty of function, sconces are a way to add a bold design element that can enhance your design style. For a space like a bathroom that can get steamy, you always want to select a damp or wet listed option that will work best. Make a statement with modern glass or stick to a classic shaded style that wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star establishment.


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Display Pretty Products

Part of the appeal of a hotel bath is that everything is perfectly in its place – including a neatly arranged assortment of products. And while your own bathroom certainly has a lot more stuff, to capture that curated look, display your most attractive products (like a stylish soap dispenser, hand lotion, or perfumes) and keep the rest tucked away. Items that might not have the most attractive packaging (say, shampoo or mouthwash) can also be placed in prettier containers, and you can add a stylish tray to your countertop to keep it all corraled together.



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  1. Hi bobby, hope you’re doing well. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas. I always look forward to your favourites list every single week.
    I have a question for you ?  May I know where do you bookmark all your favourite online shopping sites for quick and easy access ? Is browser the only option or is there any better way to bookmark these sites.
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    1. I don’t have a specific list of bookmarked shopping sites, but you can shop all my favorite products (and search by category) in the shopping section. Thank you for your comment! xx -B

  2. Do you recommend painting bathroom tiles?!?

    1. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to transform tile, then yes it’s a great option. You just want to take sure you prep the tile properly and use the right paint. Check out this guide for all the details. xx -B