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4 Foolproof Material Palettes That Always Work In Interiors

It’s not always easy to know what works (and what doesn’t) in design. But in some cases, there are combinations of colors, finishes, and materials that are perfectly in syncThese palettes have been tried and tested by designers (including yours truly) and work in every space – seriously! And we’re sharing the 4 foolproof pairings everyone should know about.

Whether it’s your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or living room, choosing the right materials and colors is an essential part of creating a stylish space. And lucky for you, there is an easier way to make these selections: Just stick to a palette that has been proven to work. And were showing you the paint, metals, and wood tones you should be bringing together.


Keep scrolling to learn the 4 material palettes that always work – and how you can bring them into your home.


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1. Blue + White + Brass + Warm Wood

Looking for a palette that’s equal parts elegant and uplifting? Look no further than this combination of brilliant blues, crisp white, brass, and warm woods. The coolness of blue is perfectly balanced by honey-colored wood, whether it’s brought in through flooring, seating, or accessories. Brass also contrasts quite nicely against all shades of blue, while a bit of white goes a long way towards keeping a space feeling fresh. Remember that choosing a darker navy will add a level of sophistication, and going for a brighter or lighter blue will be a bit more playful. 



Kitchens & Bathrooms


2. Ivory + Grey + Leather + Rustic Wood

To create a soothing space that’s still got plenty of visual appeal, you can’t go wrong by combining neutral ivory and grey tones with caramel-colored leather and worn wood. Any warm white or lighter gray tone is ideal for a wall color and contrasts nicely with the rough texture of wood and the smoothness of leather. Ideal for styles ranging from farmhouse to organic modern, bringing in additional textures through upholstery, a rug, or accessories can further enhance this palette and give a room a real richness and depth. 



Living Rooms & Bedrooms

3. Green + Black +Gold +Light Tan

For a selection of shades that will bring the outdoors in (but in a modern way), opt for a pairing of greens, bold black, gold, and earthy tan. Whether you go olive, emerald, or teal, any shade of green will shine when placed against graphic black. Gold hardware or lighting adds that special bit of sparkle, while a bit of tan or beige is a nice break that provides color contrast. Green tile can be especially striking in a bathroom or kitchen or try a green duvet paired with a black bed frame in the bedroom.



Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Bedrooms

4. Terracotta + Cream + Black + Chrome

Some material pairings are a bit less obvious than others. So for something that you won’t see every day (but still works extremely well) combine the raw with the refined. A  classic terracotta tile looks even more interesting indoors when complemented by cream-colored walls or cabinetry and sharp black accents. Chrome hardware creates a nice bit of shine that will stand out nicely in a kitchen or bath. Terracotta paint or accessories are also a great way to add warmth to any area of your home. 


WORKS WELL IN: Bathrooms & Kitchens