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4 Foolproof Tips To Pick The Right Paint Color

You might not realize it, but paint is a whole lot more than just a color applied to a wall. It’s an expression of you – and a deep emotional connection to our subconscious. Choosing the ideal shade can have an outsize impact on your home, your mood, and your overall happiness. That’s why you want to choose wisely – and we’re showing you how – with 4 foolproof tips to pick the right paint color!

Color is one of the most powerful tools you have to make your home a true expression of you – and to elevate your mood. And choosing the right shade of paint is one way you can harness color to truly make yourself happy! You may be tempted to impulsively pick a color and start rolling, but trust us, if you follow these 4 foolproof steps, you’ll be satisfied with whatever shade you select. 


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1. Always See Paint In Person

Starting your search for paint colors online isn’t a bad idea. (It’s certainly the most convenient way to see all colors in one place.) But you ALWAYS want to see color swatches in person to ensure you’re getting a true sense of the shade. We suggest taking note of your favorites or pinning options you like, then heading to the store to scope out swatches irl. And remember, swatches will still look a little different at a retailer vs. in your room.

2. Test Out Options

Once you’ve secured some swatches and brought them home, it’s now time to pick a handful of favorites to test out. When narrowing down, think about how you want to feel in the room – and what colors align with those feelings. With those choices in tow, grab a few sample pots that you can apply to the actual room. Don’t want to get messy? Many paint companies also offer peel-and-stick samples for a cleaner way to preview a color.

3. Give It Time

Now it’s time to paint or apply your sample colors. Make sure to test out that color on a few different walls and then, just sit back and wait. You’ll want to view the color at different times of day, from different angles, and even in different weather and lighting conditions. Because colors can look drastically different depending on all these conditions, taking a few days to step back, take a look, and take note of how your feelings shift when you enter the room.

4. Get In Touch With Your Feelings

You’ve done all the physical work, so now it’s time to channel your emotions – and make a decision. When reviewing all your options, consider not just how they look, but how you react to each shade. Are you connecting to one color more than the others? Does one shade bring you a sense of calm, warmth, or energy that you are looking to achieve? This visceral reaction will help guide you toward the right color – and make your room your new happy place.


  1. Hi – Firstly, thank you always for the emails. I was wondering if you knew the paint colors from the images associated with item 2 Test Out Options. I am interested specifically in the green on the far right (looks similar to Farrow and Balls Arsenic). Thanks again.