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4 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Counters And Sinks Looking Spotless (It’s Easier That You Think)

No other surface in your home takes a beating quite like your kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters. Over the course of a single day, they get plenty of use – and end up coated in everything from moisturizer to mouthwash, crumbs, or last night’s leftovers. And that’s precisely why keeping them clean (and we mean really clean) can be such a challenge. But we’ve discovered 4 foolproof products that can do just that – and keep these high traffic surfaces looking spotless in no time at all. 

The secret to spotless counters and sinks isn’t expensive (or labor-intensive). It’s simply smart products that work better at getting rid of all sorts of stains, spills, and stuck-on residue. So keep scrolling to see – and shop – the only miracle items you need to make your counters and sinks sparkling.



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1. The Easy To Grab Disinfecting Wipe 

To really keep counters and sinks clean you need to stay on top of messes. So having a handy wipe at the ready makes it easy to tackle sticky surfaces or built-on grime. Just keep a container of these under your sinks and grab one to quickly and efficiently clean (and disinfect) at the same time.


2. The Miracle Squeegee

A squeegee might not be the first tool that comes to mind for keeping counters and sinks clean. But trust us on this – it will become an indispensable item in your cleaning arsenal. Made of flexible silicone, this unique item works wonders to remove wet and dry messes. It also has two sides to give you double the function: one flat for scrapping and wiping and the other with bristles or more serious scrubbing.


3. The Multisurface Cleaner 

No matter the material, this cleaner can get the job done. It’s equally adept at cleaning and cutting grease and grime from quartz, granite, stainless steel, glass, or glazed porcelain, making it the go-to product for any major messes in the kitchen or bath. And as an added eco-friendly bonus, it comes with refillable pods that allow you to reuse the bottle over and over again.


4. The Perfect Hybrid Sponge & Cloth

Somewhere between a sponge, a dishcloth, and paper towel, this handy hybrid will work wonders when paired with the multi-surface cleaner. It’s super-absorbent, easy to get into corners, and has a waffle weave that picks up dirt, crumbs, and anything else on your counters. Plus, they’re totally reusable- just toss them in the washer and dryer and they come out like new.