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4 Hassle Free Home Improvements To Elevate Your Interior

Improving your home doesn’t have to be a hassle – or an expensive endeavor. In fact, there are plenty of simple solutions to help revive and elevate your interiors (that don’t involve tackling a major construction project). So let us show you some of Bobby’s best ideas for easy improvements anyone can tackle! 



From adding a bit of color to softening things up, to bringing in some visual interest, these improvement ideas arent just easy to accomplish, they will also leave a lasting impact on your space. So get ready to learn the 4 easy ways to elevate your interior.



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Clean Your Indoor Air 

Before you lift a finger to make any improvements, it’s important that the air in your home is clean and fresh. A Molekule air purifier can destroy pollutants, paint fumes, off-gassing from new rugs or furniture, or other irritants your projects put in the air.



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Add An Accent Color

You can always count on color to make a space really come alive. Whether it’s on a wall, molding, ceiling beams, a piece of furniture, or an accessory, an accent color adds interest, contrast, and sets your space apart. Keep in mind that a darker accent will visually appear closer and cozier, while a lighter accent will feel more distant and dramatic.



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Roll Out A Rug

For an easy way to define a space (and bring in a bit of coziness) look no further than underfoot! The right rug can also totally tie a room together, add a layer of softness, and even improve acoustics. It’s also well suited for infusing pattern or texture into an otherwise neutral interior.


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Elevate Your Artwork

You don’t have to have fancy or expensive artwork to make it a focal point in your home. By simply framing your favorite pieces, you can create a custom gallery wall that has plenty of visual appeal. Also consider placing artwork above a console or credenza, an entry table, or nightstands to add a finishing touch and an elevated look.




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