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The 4 Mood-Boosting Colors That Look Good (And Make You Feel Good Too)

Photo: Shade Degges

One thing we’ve learned from years of designing – never underestimate the power of color. Besides its ability to bring interest (and lots of excitement) to a room, the right tone can also have a major impact on your mood -seriously!  So when choosing shades for your space, it only makes sense to seek out colors that don’t just look good – they make you feel good too.

So what’s the secret to finding the shade that will bring a smile to your face- and a bit of serenity to your home? It starts with embracing tones that are proven to have an impact on how we feel – and utilizing those colors in the areas of our home where they’ll have the biggest impact. Ready to see how to do it?


Keep scrolling to see 4 shades that create positive feelings – and how you can bring them into your space.


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For A Grounding Sense Of Calm


When seeking a bit of balance and calm in your home, it’s always a good idea to look down (no not your floors, deeper down into the earth itself). Start digging for the natural tones of clay and you’ll find exactly the shade you need to make your home feel more grounded. With a strong feeling of warmth – that isn’t as overwhelming as, say, a fiery red – clay is suited for spaces where you want to feel centered and allow a sense of calm to really set in.


IDEAL FOR: Living Rooms & Bedrooms


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For Relaxation & Creativity


When you need some physical relaxation, the soothing scent of lavender is a good place to start. And when you want your home to offer the same sense of relaxation, you can turn to the same source – just in color form! A light lavender color can have a real effect on your senses when used in space you really want to unwind. Also, consider adding this shade to any corner where you want to be creative: pale purple can help your imagination fully bloom.


IDEAL FOR: Bathrooms & Offices



Photo: Shade Degges


For Energy & Uplifting Vibes


This isn’t the first time we’ve preached the positive powers of yellow – but it certainly bears repeating. There’ no better way to infuse energy and an uplifting vibe to your home than with a shade that’s a real ray of sunshine. And opting for a tone that’s a bit more muted and rich, like a glorious golden yellow, is a great way to engage the uplifting effects (without being blinded by brightness).


IDEAL FOR: Kitchens & Dining Rooms


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For Productivity & Peacefulness


While we may associate blue with feelings of melancholy (after all, we do say I’ve got the blues when we’re sad), this shade is actually one of the most positive colors out there. A classic shade of blue – that’s not too bright or too dark – can invoke a real sense of peacefulness (not unlike a blue sky or shimmering sea) or offer a moment of total tranquility. And if you need to get some work done, true blue will definitely work for you: it’s been proven to increase productivity.


IDEAL FOR: Offices & Bedroom


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  1. Hi, I follow you on Instagram and want to thank you for all the effort you put into sharing these with us. I am old enough to be your Mom…but love the new trendy looks, but I am so afraid of color…My family jokes when I say I am painting…they ask…oh what color of beige. But I have evolved…to ….Gray…ok…I know…. I am nearing retirement and looking for my new home to retire in. (Hopefully, Austin where one of my daughters live), so as I look for my next home in the next two years, I look forward to following you and attempting to break out of my mold. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for your comment! There’s nothing wrong with sticking with neutral colors in your space. You can always incorporate more color by adding in accessories and art too and going from there. Sending you all my love and good luck with your new house hunting! xx -B

  2. I’m thinking of painting my room sage green. I’ve heard it was a calming colour and I’m going to be using it in a bedroom. Is it actually a calming colour?

    1. Absolutely! And you can read more about the qualities of that color in this post. Thanks for reading! xx -B

      1. Thank you, Bobby!

        I’m also thinking of doing part off-white and part sage green. With accents of gray, silver, and black, would the colour scheme work well???

        1. Yeah, definitely. I also really like terracotta or a tan/camel combined with sage green too. xx -B

  3. In Brazil when we say “things are blue” it actually means everything is alright, nice and peaceful.
    I guess in Portuguese we use the color with the proper feeling! ?

    1. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B

  4. Hi ! I’m from France, and I really love interior designs and get inspired by it. In 6 months, I’m going to move in my new flat, where there will be white walls (paint and earthenware), charcoal floors (wood and tiles) everywhere. And I will also get my grandparent’s furniture on my mother side, for the living room. They’re made in pure walnut wood. The living room has two walls, and one is facing the south-west oriented window.
    I would like to repaint the living room’s walls but I really don’t know which color(s)can match with charcoal and walnut. So I guess, if you have some tips… ? It will be so helpful !
    Anyway, I really love your design, your work is really amazing and really inspiring ! I wish you the best in everything you do.

    1. Charcoal and walnut actually pair beautifully together, so I would go with a paint color that’s lighter and doesn’t pull focus. Ivory, griege, or light tan would all work well, or you could go with pale green. Best of luck with the move and design and thank you for your kind words. xx -B