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4 Sustainable Ideas That Will Save You Money (And Save The Planet)

Earth Day is almost here, and we’ve got eco-consciousness on our minds. While this time of year always serves as a reminder to be even more aware of our environmental impact, every day is a chance to make a difference. Not sure how? It’s easier than you think, with these easy sustainable ideas that will not just save the planet, but save you a lot of money too! 

Small changes in our habits and daily activities can add up to a big environmental impact (and even bigger savings for you in the long run). It doesn’t take a ton of effort to make it happen. Let us show you how to love the earth a lil’ more – and spend a lot less!



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save money and save the planet

Keep It Cool

Don’t worry, we are not advocating for you to start taking cold showers! But there are other ways you can keep things cooler at home (without shivering). Try running your washer exclusively on the cold setting or just doing dishes with cool water to cut back on energy consumption. And since hot water is responsible for about 17 percent of your household energy use, cutting back on your use will definitely translate to savings on your monthly bill.

save money and save the planet

Try “Trip-Chaining”

Cars are a way of life for most of us, and unless you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, they’re a major contributor to harmful emissions. Since about 20% of vehicle trips are shopping-related, simply combining all your errands and shopping into one trip per week is an easy way to save at the pump – and save the planet. Known as “trip-chaining”, it’s a small but smart step you can take to be a more conscious car owner.



save money and save the planet

Switch To Paperless

100 million trees. That’s how many get used for junk mail each year in the US. All those catalogs and mailers require a lot of paper, but it’s also the bills and statements that arrive in your mailbox. A quick way to cut back is simply by signing up for paperless statements for all your credit cards, cell phone, utilities, and internet. You will help to start saving a lot of trees, and many times, your provider will offer you a statement credit for switching to eco-friendly paperless. You can also remove yourself from direct mail, catalogs, and junk mail too (Click HERE to get started).

save money and save the planet

Try Out Plant-Based

Did you know that beef has been found to have a carbon footprint 230 times higher than nuts or root vegetables? That’s a whole lot of environmental impact for some hamburgers. Trying out a more plant-based diet is one step to cut back on your carbon footprint, and enjoy some health benefits too. Fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes are also generally cheaper than meat. While you might not be ready to go fully veg, an easy place to start is by implementing “meatless Mondays” and ditching meat one day a week.