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Clever Ways To Use Temporary Wallpaper (That You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of)

Photo: Gianna Caputo, Room For Tuesday

You probably think you know what wallpaper is intended for. (I mean, it is right there in the name after all.) But when using temporary wallpaper that easily peels and sticks, you can go well beyond your walls. You can apply it to just about any flat surface, and add a whole lot of excitement and interest. So we’re about to show you some unexpected – but totally stylish –  ways to use temporary wallpaper.    

With temporary wallpaper, the options for application are nearly endless! Plus, it’s so easy to apply and remove if you change your mind or are renting. (Bobby’s collection with Tempaper, which starts at just $42, is the perfect place to find patterns you’ll love, too). So let us show you some of our favorite ways to use temporary wallpaper and give all sorts of surfaces a whole new look.



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ways to use temporary wallpaper

On The Back Of Bookshelves

Adding temporary wallpaper to the back of a bookshelf or built-in can add a custom and elevated look – and provide a stunning backdrop for your books, decor, and objects. Try using a solid or more subtle pattern to keep your shelves from looking too busy.

Design: 2LG

ways to use temporary wallpaper

Framed As Art 

Don’t have the budget for a large piece of art? Simply make your own by using your favorite peel and stick pattern. You can cover a pre-stretched canvas or apply your paper onto an existing frame, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece that costs a lot less.

ways to use temporary wallpaper

On Drawer Fronts

To give a dresser or nightstand a totally new look, make the drawers the focal point. Add temporary wallpaper to the drawer fronts (like this faux burlwood pictured) and you’ll have a piece that’s totally transformed in no time at all.

ways to use temporary wallpaper

To Cover Closet Doors 

Unattractive or outdated closet doors can get an easy makeover courtesy of some peel and stick. It’s a simple fix for doors you can’t change out (or for a rental) and you can add your personality with a pleasing color, texture, or pattern.