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5 Easy Improvements You Can Make At Home (Without Leaving The House)

Photo: Tim Lenz

Now that you’re probably spending a lot more time at home, why not take advantage and start making some improvements to your space? With a few simple suggestions, you can not only make your home look and feel better now, but also make changes that will have a long term impact


Whether it’s painting, changing out lighting, or just figuring out your design style, now is the perfect time to get going on projects that will make your space a little pick me up. And we’re sharing 5 easy idea to do just that, which require just a few tools, some time, and not much else. And if just the thought of making improvements feels intimidating, we’ve also included instructional videos to make it even easier for you to get started. So keep scrolling to see all our ideas and prepare to be amazed at all the upgrades you can make!


Lighting is such an important aspect of your home, it’s definitely worth the time to swap out a dated fixtures for something you truly love. Whether it’s a ceiling mount or wall sconce, new lighting can change the look and feel of a room, save space, and even improve functionality – and it’s way easier than you think to install. Check out the video below for expert tips on how to get started.


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Improvements don’t get much simpler than this, but changing up the contents of a bookshelf can give a room a totally new vibe. You can add in new pieces you’ve collected, or simply move around existing items for a fresh feel. And the best part- it won’t cost you anything! Check out the video below for lots of tips on how to create balance and contrast when styling a bookcase.


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Photo: Lachlan Moore
Design: Studio Moore

Install A DIMMER

Nothing can change the mood of a room quite like lighting. By replacing your existing light switches with dimmers, you can instantly alter the way a room looks and feels. The glow of soft, dimmed lighting can also make you more calm and relaxed, something we all need at this time. See below for the simple steps on how to add a dimmer in no time at all and CLICK HERE to grab a dimmer switch.



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Photo: Blurry Hinge


It doesn’t take a complete (and costly) kitchen makeover to make an impact in this space. Painting cabinets is the easiest way to make a big change in this space, whether you decide to go dark and dramatic, colorful, or soothing white. While this task may take some supplies and a couple days, what better time than now to knock it out? Check out the video below for a complete guide on prep, priming and painting cabinets.


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Photo: Alvhem


While this may not be an instant improvement, figuring out your design style (if you haven’t already) is important to lay the foundation for any future design choices and upgrades you’ll be making in your home. Whether you’re traditional, modern, farmhouse or boho (or a combination), knowing your style will help you know what pieces, colors and decor are the right fit for you.


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  1. Please make your font darker and larger. The post-45 crowd loves your expertise , but wants to read it with ease.
    Grazie mille

  2. I think your posts have been so helpful and thoughtful for people since this whole crisis. I applaud your team’s ideas and sensitivity. It feels very Bobby Berk — like the one we’ve seen on tv. Thanks for the great tips … even other decorators can benefit from your creativity! Thank you so much. ?

    1. Thank you Andrea! I really appreciate that. -B

  3. Dear Bobby and Crew,
    I am enjoying your creative and caring site. I just read 5 Easy Improvements…., very easy and practical ideas that all of us can possibly do ourselves. Thanks for empowering us all to make our living spaces pretty and comfortable to live in, especially at this time.
    Keep them coming! Thank you, Katherine McBride

    1. Glad we can help make things a little more beautiful. We’ve got lots more in store! -B

  4. Perfect. I’m restyling my bookshelves NOW! Plenty of things in cupboards we can look at in a new way. The article on how to restyle was really helpful. Budget doesn’t for paint. But I think I might zip up to the hardware store early to avoid crowds, luckily ours opens vest 6am for tradies, and choose some new handles and drawer pulls, just to refresh the look. And like you do, just change the accessories around a little, and a whole new look..Acute I’ve just had a thought I have a small can if black paint left over from another project, I guess I could remove the handles an give them a coat of black paint, it will look quite smart I think, and then I can still stay at home. See how much inspiration you’re giving us. Thanks Bobby xx

  5. Bobby,
    I always learn something every time I go to your website. Plus, you have such a cool vibe and friendly, caring personality.
    Love, all the Fab Five and your Queer Eye videos!

    1. You’re so kind to say. Thanks very much. -B