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5 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Bathroom (All For Under $40)

Design: Bunsa Studio

Sure, a bathroom has to function for certain, ahem, essential activities. But that doesn’t mean it has to be basic or boring. In fact, with just a few quick fixes, your bath can be both functional and fabulous looking. And today we’re bringing you 5 of the absolute easiest ways to elevate this everyday room (all for under $25!) 

A more beautiful bathroom is attainable. You just need to employ a few easy upgrades that anyone can tackle. And for just $25, you can have a more stylish space that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in.

Keep scrolling to see 5 quick fixes to give your bathroom a real boost – without spending a lot.



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Spray-On A New Countertop

No, that’s not a typo. You can, in fact, create a stylish new countertop with a can of spray paint. It’s easy to give an older laminate or faux stone countertop a totally new look with just a few coats of specialty paint. A dated color can be transformed into crisp white, you can add a more appealing faux stone finish, or even create a high-end faux marble look – in just a few hours (and for a few bucks). Check out THIS VIDEO for tips on how to get started.



Any faux stone, laminate, or composite counter can easily be spray painted. Just be sure to clean, prep, and sand your surface first for easier application.




Let Your Shower Curtain Shine

A shower curtain is obviously an essential for any built-in tub/shower combo. But it’s also a way to easily inject your personal style, a pretty pattern, or a pop of color. If your bath is more muted, consider a simple stripe or cool color to add a bit of excitement. Just keep in mind that busy patterns can easily overwhelm a small space, so going with more minimal designs or a solid color is always a safe bet.




Be sure to add in a shower curtain liner made of eco-friendly PEVA material that’s free of harmful chemicals (and will help prevent the growth of mildew).


Pop In New Drawer Pulls

This isn’t the first time we’ve recommended replacing your hardware (and it probably won’t be the last either). And that’s because there’s no easier way to give a vanity a new lease on life. A more modern drawer pull can move a dated bathroom right into the 21st Century. And if you want to really boost your bathroom, you can also replace an outdated faucet for something a lot more stylish.



If you like the style of your hardware but not the finish, simply spray paint your knobs and pulls to achieve a new look – for a lot less.



Design: Max Humphrey

Make Way For A Bath Mat

We all want something soft and absorbent to step onto when exiting the shower. But why not give a bath mat double duty by also making it a stylish accent in the space? There are plenty of fluffy and functional options out there that will also look super stylish (even when not being used). It’s also a great way to add visual interest – or disguise a floor that isn’t the most appealing.



Bath mats get exposed to lots of moisture (and mildew) so be sure to launder them weekly to keep them at their optimal freshness.



Photo: Hagan Hinshaw

Incorporate Stylish Shelving

A little bit of shelving can go a long way towards a bathroom that works well – and looks even better. Besides being a huge organizational asset, a freestanding or wall-mounted shelving system is also a way to display handsome accessories, pretty perfume bottles, or other aesthetically pleasing products. You can also add a shelf that doubles as a towel rack for even more built-in function.



Optimize the empty space above your toilet with a set of wall-mounted shelves. Just be sure to hang them at least 48″ high to avoid any head bumping while, ahem, doing your business.