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5 Easy Ways To Use Temporary Wallpaper (And How To Save Big On My Tempaper Designs)

Adding wallpaper may seem like a major endeavor, but thanks to Tempaper, it’s never been easier (seriously!) Just unroll, peel, and stick – and you have a versatile way to transform a room. So to get your next wallpaper project started, we’re sharing 5 areas to add pattern (plus all the info on how to save big on your favorite Tempaper styles).

And the best part about peel and stick wallpaper? Besides the fact that it’s oh-so-easy to install and remove, it’s also on sale! For Black Friday, you can save big on all of Tempaper’s patterns using these codes:


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Keep scrolling to see 5 of our easiest ideas for adding temporary wallpaper. And be sure to shop Bobby’s Tempaper line HERE.


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To A Stylish Ceiling

The ceiling may be the last place you would think to add wallpaper. But it’s actually a great way to add unexpected interest – and draw your eye upward. Plus, adding a darker pattern to a ceiling can also make a room feel taller. This application is especially applicable in a bedroom, where a pretty pattern will be a lovely sight to wake up to each morning.



Design: Chris O’Shea

Add Style
To A Staircase

Step up your staircase by adding a graphic wallpaper to the risers. As an easy alternative to painting or refinishing, a temporary paper is a cinch to install (and requires a lot less yardage than a wall application). We suggest sticking to a larger scale pattern to make more of an impact, as something smaller won’t stand out.

Bring Unexpected Excitement
To A Powder Room

A small bathroom can make a very big statement – courtesy of an eye-catching wallpaper. And for a petite powder room or half bath, we say go bold! It’s the perfect spot to try something a bit more adventurous, whether it’s a graphic pattern, a fun color, or a totally unexpected print.

Add Interest

An entry isn’t just about greeting you and your guests, it’s also about setting the tone for your home. So make an interesting first impression by adding a welcoming wallpaper. Florals, stripes, and subtle patterns are all well suited and will look great when layered behind an accessorized console and mirror.

Much Cooler

Even your closet can benefit from a bit of well-placed peel and stick. The right wallpaper can be the perfect complement to your wardrobe – and truly elevate the act of getting dressed every day. Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, consider removing the doors and wallpapering the inside to add some easy interest, and take your storage space from basic to beautiful.



Purchased the pattern you love and ready to hang? Check out this guide for all the tips and tricks you’ll need for installation. 



      1. Can you tell me which tempaper is in the Regan Baker Design photo. I would love to order it!

  1. Love the idea of wallpaper on the ceiling! I’m curious about what colors to use if my bedroom walls are already a dark color. Do I want to contrast with something light and playful or be cohesive with the rest of the room?

    1. Going dark with the wallpaper will definitely create a very moody and cohesive feel, while if you go lighter, the room will feel wider. Either way can work really well, it just depends on the feel you are going for. xx -B

  2. Love the stair risers and the closet ideas. Super fun and easy. Happy thanksgiving. One of the many things we are thankful for is all you share and teach us and the help you give us that have helped make our homes places to love and be happy in. Health and happiness to you and yours always xx❤️??

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. xx -B

  3. I am totally going to try to use temp paper on my staircase! Thank you so much Bobby you’re a God send.

    1. Thanks for reading!! Stay safe and inspired xx -B

  4. I am beyond excited about discovering your website! Designing my new home will be a much less daunting task with your site as a guide.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Hope your new home can be a beautiful and comforting space for you. xx -B

  5. I just discovered your Instagram and I’m already a big fan. I absolutely love love your design. I spent time on your Instagram dreaming and fantasizing about your design. We are looking to buy our forever home and since I can’t afford you ? at least having your website will help?.

  6. I was thinking of using wallpaper at the back of a shelving unit.

    1. Love that idea! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your DIY. xx -B

  7. Love this — thanks Bobby! I want to make an accent wall in my living room with tempaper, and put shelves and pics on that wall. The color of the walls now is this gray/beige, which is throwing me off for what color scheme to go for. I’m conflicted as to whether use a pattern that pops versus sort of flows with the rest of the room, and from there what color to use for the shelves. Thoughts? Would greatly appreciate any advice 🙂

    1. I would go with a pattern that is not super busy and a color that flows with the rest of the room. Going with a brighter color could make things really busy, especially with accessories on the shelves and art. Try a shade that is just slightly darker than your walls for the shelves. That will help them stand out slightly without being too bold. xx -B

        1. Thank YOU for reading our post! Stay safe and inspired. xx -B

  8. Hello,
    Should I/Can I use this as kitchen shelf liner? I bought the “Check you out” pattern. I repainted old pine farmhouse kitchen cabinets “Chantilly White” with large diamond pulls and I was wondering what you think. I also love the stair rise idea and will do my attic stair rises if i have any leftover from the kitchen shelfs. Thank you for your inspirations and wonderful products.