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5 More Of The Best Reviewed Vacuums (That Will Work On Every Surface)

The secret to keeping your floors clean isn’t obsessively monitoring every fallen crumb or speck of dirt that pops up. It’s simply choosing the right vacuum for the job. And with options available for every type of surface you can think of, it’s easier than ever to find the dirt buster that will work wonders on wood, carpet, or tile. So let us show you 5 of the best-reviewed vacuums made to tackle any mess life throws your way.   

We’ve already shared 6 of the best-reviewed vacuums (and the one Bobby can’t clean without). And we’re back with 5 more super suckers – designed for every surface – that we’re certain you’re going to love.



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Hoover FloorMate Deluxe


REVIEWS: 8,700+, 5 Star

WORKS ON: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate

WHY WE LOVE IT: This isn’t just a vacuum – it’s also a miracle mop that can work on any hard surface. With a powerful scrubber and suction, it lifts up stains and leaves behind a freshly mopped floor (without any of the hassle of getting on your hands and knees). Reviewers are especially fond of the separate compartments for clean and dirty water, and how it can easily transition between surfaces with the flip of a switch.



Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum


REVIEWS: 2,400+ | 4.4 Stars

WORKS ON: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Carpet, Upholstery

WHY WE LOVE IT: For a lightweight vacuum (just 8 lbs!) that can go anywhere -and pretty much pick up anything – this is a great option. It easily grabs pet hair, has a simple to remove and empty bin, and even converts to a handheld to reach areas off the floor. Did we mention it’s also on sale?



Eureka PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum


REVIEWS: 29,000+ | 4.4 Stars

WORKS ON: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Carpet, Upholstery

WHY WE LOVE IT: There’s a reason (or two, or three) this model has over 12,000 5 star reviews. It’s got everything you could want in an all-purpose, all surfaces vacuum: a large capacity tank to hold more dirt and dust, a quick-release hose with 3 different cleaning attachments, and an easy-to-adjust setting to seamlessly move from carpet to hardwood and back.



Black + Decker Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum


REVIEWS: 3.400+ | 4.3 Stars

WORKS ON: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Carpet

WHY WE LOVE IT: With no cord to get in the way, this vacuum can go wherever you need it. And with an extra-long 55 minute run time on a single charge, it’s not going to cop out halfway through cleaning. Enthusiastic reviewers note it’s equally adept at picking up stubborn pet hair, crumbs, or stubborn dirt and debris.


Bissell CrossWave Multi-Surface Vacuum


REVIEWS: 2,000+ | 4.4 Stars

WORKS ON: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Carpet, Upholstery

WHY WE LOVE IT: This vacuum allows you to clean and scrub simultaneously, meaning it not only sucks up a spill but also leaves your floor looking spotless afterward. Just fill the tank with the multi-surface cleaning solution, and go from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room tacking anything that’s in your way. You might just be shocked by how much dirt it grabs. (We definitely were!)