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The Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products You Definitely Need To Try

If you’re anything like the Bobby Berk team, then Trader Joe’s is your go-to grocery store. (Our office kitchen is stocked with all sorts of TJ’s treats.) But if you’re just shopping for food items, well, you’re missing out! Because there are tons of useful, unique Trader Joe’s products that you won’t want to consume – but will definitely want to add to your cart! 


Your next Trader Joe’s shopping trip isn’t quite complete until you grab these 5 products. They’ll help you haul your groceries in style, pack and wash your produce more sustainably, wipe down surfaces, and even help your home smell fresh! So allow us to introduce you to the 5 Trader Joe’s non-food products you definitely need!



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Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products

Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Are you washing your produce with just water? Try this all-natural wash instead. This concentrated formula (made from coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract) is a more effective way to remove waxes, pesticides, and nasty chemicals. Just apply a few drops to produce, rub in, rinse, and enjoy nothing but fresh and tasty fruit and veggies.

Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products

Reusable Super Amazing Kitchen Cloth

Here’s a product that can help you ditch paper towels – for good. This reusable kitchen cloth is, as the name implies, super amazing. How so you may ask? For starters, it’s absorbent enough to soak up all sorts of spills, and durable enough to use for scrubbing. Plus, you can just wring it out and let dry when done, and toss it in the washer for a more thorough clean.

Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products

Super Lemon Room Spray

A bold burst of freshness is just a spritz away – courtesy of this super lemon room spray. The bottle may be tiny, but it’s packed with potent lemon myrtle and spearmint oil, which combine for an energizing aroma. Try it in your kitchen to mask food odors, or in your home office for an uplifting effect.

Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products

Reusable Produce Bags

Forget about placing your peppers, peaches, or potatoes in a plastic bag. Keep these reusable and eco-friendly options on hand instead. Made from recycled polyester, you get two cinchable bags that can accompany you on every grocery trip, keeping all your produce nicely corraled.

Trader Joe’s Non-Food Products

Washable Paper Tote Bag

For the style-conscious shopper, this tote bag might just be a TJGC (Trader Joe’s game changer). Made from coated paper with woven cotton straps, it’s a durable, washable, and chic way to transport your groceries or any other goods.  And at 19″ high, it can actually haul a lot – and look darn good while doing it.