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5 Ways You Can Help Support The Black Lives Matter Protestors From Home

Photo: Tony Gutierrez / AP

In the fight for racial justice and equality, there are lots of ways to take action. For many, this means taking to the streets to protest and march. But even without physically attending a protest, you can still show your support to protestors – and lend your voice and skills to the movement. Every small step – no matter where that step is, helps us fight this fight. 



Using tools at almost everyone’s disposal, you can have a positive impact on protesters (and help secure their safety so they can continue to make their voices heard). It just takes a bit of time and effort on your behalf – and utilizing your own skills, social media, or wallet to make an impact. And by uniting the forces of protestors and with those using resources at home, we can have an even louder collective voice and impact.


Keep scrolling to see 5 things you can do from home to safely support protests.


For even more resources on how you can help in the fight for equality and justice, check out A Summery Of 5 Way To Help Right Now

SHARE Protest Info

To help spread the word about peaceful protests and marches in your community, share the info on your social media accounts and text/email your friends, family, or neighbors. You’ll help raise awareness and make sure protestors have all the information they need to safely and legally organize. It is, however, important to note that some protests may not be supported by reputable organizations or activists. So before you share any info, be sure that the organizers are working with Black Lives Matter or other black lead organizations.


Need help finding rallys and protests in your area? Check out Rally List or this guide.

Photo: Lokman Vural Elibol / Anadolu Agency / Getty

Give Supplies to protesters

One of the easiest ways to show your support is simply to share supplies to those marching and protesting. Bottles of water, granola bars, face masks and hand sanitizer are all essentials for staying safe and hydrated while protesting – especially as hotter weather makes its way into most of the country. To get supplies to those who need them, first check the protest info and location. Some protest flyers will state a location to drop off supplies, but if not, try reaching out to friends who may be attending the protest and can deliver for you.

Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

Volunteer Your Time Or Skills

Whether you’re a writer, essential worker, artist or a stay-at-home parent, you can use your skills to help make it easier for protesters to make their voices heard. Volunteer to make protest signs, sew face masks or create graphics or art that support the Black Lives Matter movement. You can also offer to babysit friend’s children so they can attend, cook meals for family or neighbors who are protesting or simply give them a ride to and from a protest. Even the smallest of acts will still make a difference.

Photo: David Zalubowski / AP

REACH OUT To Elected Officials

Ultimately, the goal of protests is to raise awareness and affect change, and the people who can make change happen are our Mayors, District Attorneys and City Councils. You can reach out to those leaders directly – whether by phone or e-mail – and demand action be taken. Be specific in your requests, and be sure to include your name and relevant information.


CLICK HERE for a resource for finding your elected officials. You can also CLICK HERE for the contact information for leaders in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities around the country.

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty

Donate To bail funds

While many protestors have been able to demonstrate peacefully, many have been arrested and detained while protesting. Consider donating to bail funds to assist with posting bail for those who can not afford it and who have been detained. There are a number of funds that have been created to help, including those for the LGBTQ community and Black Trans community.


CLICK HERE for a list of all bail funds throughout the US.

We are here to fight this fight with you and encourage you to make your voice heard in whatever way you feel comfortable with and can. Be safe, wear a mask and let’s continue to fight for equal rights.