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6 Of The Best-Reviewed Vacuums (And The One Bobby Can’t Clean Without)

There are plenty of vacuums out there that claim to be real dirt busters. Then after a few uses, you discover that they, well, suck (and not in the way they should!) But there are vacuums that really can handle all your messes –and they have reviews to back up their cleaning abilities. And today we’re sharing 6 of the absolute best reviewed, including the vacuum that Bobby can’t clean without.


Searching for a vacuum that really works? Or just ready to upgrade to a model that better suits your needs? Well, get ready to be swept away by these options. We’ve found 6 of the best vacuums for every need and every surface (all of which are all backed up by thousands of positive reviews).  So you really can’t go wrong with any of these super suckers!

Keep scrolling to see 6 of the best-reviewed vacuums for every space (and surface) – including the one model Bobby swears by.


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The Best Cordless Vacuum

Yes, we know this vacuum is absolutely a splurge. But there’s a reason 5,000 reviewers (and Bobby himself) are singing its praises. It really is the BEST- and can tackle ANY cleaning job you throw it. This Dyson cordless has serious suction power is lightweight, and with up to 40 minutes of run time from a single charge, it’s not going to die on you in the middle of cleaning up crumbs. Plus the multiple attachments included allow you to seamlessly go from carpet to tight corners to ceilings without breaking a sweat.


BUY HERE for $398





The Best Pet Vacuum

Pet hair is one of those annoying occurrences that despite your best efforts, never seems to go away. (Seriously, how can a dog shed THAT much?) But with this vacuum, you’ll get rid of every last fluffball of fur – with no hassle at all. The Bissell Cleanview vacuum has a super suction and a unique brush design that means you’ll pick up debris with just one pass, and an attached hose helps you get into those couch corners where hair happens to always get stuck. And if you don’t believe us, check out some of the 9,000 positive reviews from pet owners.



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The Best Handheld Vacuum

Sometimes, you need to quickly catch crumbs or suck up whatever just spiled. And for those jobs, you’ll want to get your hands on the Black + Decker Dustbuster handheld. This cordless wonder weighs just 2 lbs but has plenty of power for its compact size thanks to an ion battery. Plus the upright quick charging base makes it a cinch to power up and store. No wonder it’s got over 49,000 enthusiastic fans!



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The Best All Surfaces Vacuum 

For a vacuum that’s got multi-purpose – for every surface – look no further! The Shark Navigator (with 16,000 rave reviews) can take on everything from hardwood to tile to carpet (and do it easily). A lightweight design and swivel steering also set this model apart – along with a cleverly designed canister and hose that you can remove from the upright and carry anywhere. And if you needed any more reason to love it, a HEPA filter also traps 99.9% of all dust and airborne allergens.



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The Best Budget Option 

If pricepoint is just as important as power, you can still score a vacuum that’s a real crowdpleaser. At just $30, the Bissell Featherweight Vacuum stands out not just for its value, but also for all the higher price features it has packed in. Between the strong suction, built-in crevice tool, and handheld option, it’s got all the essentials you need. And with 41,000 reviews (and the title of #1 best seller) it’s also a real no-brainer.



BUY HERE for $30






The Best Wet/Dry Vacuum 

For wet, dry, or anything in between – the Bissell Crosswave is the clear favorite for every surface and type of stain. And it doesn’t just pick up stains – it can also clean your floors at the same time. A dual-action brush roll enables it to catch any crumbs or liquid, while a multi-surface cleaner leaves floors totally fresh. So join the 6000 happy reviewers and say goodbye mop and bucket and hello to this helpful two-in-one!



BUY HERE for $260




  1. I have to say with complete sincerity, that the Dyson V8 Animal is worth EVERY penny. If you have a cat or dog (especially), and find yourself cleaning up litter, hair, or general messes on the regular like I do, having this tool in your daily arsenal is NO BRAINER. It’s the best investment for the home I’ve made hands down. I’m not one of those people that often endorse a product, or share with my friends, but I tell everyone about this vacuum! On carpet or hardwood, it’s a game changer. I love that it also goes to handheld and you can use it in the car, or for quick messes. You can also use the brush attachment to do baseboards and cobwebs, etc. Game Changer! Ok – my commercial for Dyson over. 🙂

    1. Sorry – but I disagree. I have both the upright Dyson and the Dyson stick V8 pet – and I can’t stand either one. My handheld Oreck does a better job than either of them. I am constantly having issues with both Dyson’s and the company has yet to respond to my issues (after 3 months). Don’t waste your money.