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6 Smart Ways To Conceal Cords (All Over Your House)

Design: Jess Bunge

In today’s tech-obsessed world, our spaces are filled with all sorts of electronic devices. Between your chargers, power cords, and surge protectors, you end up with lots and lots of cords. But instead of letting them turn into a tangled mess, you can easily corral and conceal all your cords –  by implementing some smart products to keep them stylishly out of sight.   

If your home office is inundated with electronics and your media console is crowded with all sorts of devices, chances are you need to get your cords in order. That’s why we’re plugging you into 6 of the smartest solutions to getting your cords in order – just keep scrolling to shop them all!



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Cable Management Box

No one wants to look at a pile of messy cords under their desk. So stash your surge protector in this clever box and instantly eliminate an eyesore in your office.


Cord Cover Kit

The solution to those unattractive cords dangling from your wall-mounted TV? Just cover them up – with this customizable set that easily mounts to your walls (and can be painted to perfectly blend in too).


Black Adhesive Cord Holders

Keep your charging cables right where you need them – on your desktop, nightstand, or counters – with the help of these adhesive-backed holders that stick to any surface.


Command Cord Bundlers

Long cords are easily corraled into orderly bundles courtesy of this ingenious product. Use them on the back of a dresser or credenza to keep the floor clear, or attached to small appliances for easy cord control.

Cord Winder

Ever struggled to keep your laptop cord from getting tied in knots? Just grab this genius cord winder, which retracts into a compact ball, and you’ll never have to untangle it again!

Cable Sleeve Cover

For a more attractive way to contain multiple cords, try slipping them through this flexible cover. It comes in both 6 and 10-foot lengths, and can easily be trimmed to fit perfectly to your needs.