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6 (Super) Easy DIYs To Upgrade Your Space

Design: Leanne Ford

Does the thought of a home DIY project feel daunting? Afraid you’ll get in over your head? We get it. While there are certainly projects you should leave to the pros, there are also some easy projects anyone can tackle (no tool belt required).

We’ve got a handful of easy updates (seriously, we promise!) you can make to every room in your home – and outdoor spaces too! With a few supplies and a free afternoon, you can give your kitchen, bath, living room or patio a real transformation. So go ahead, give these ideas a go and see how easy it is to master a DIY makeover!


Keep scrolling to see our 6 ideas for super easy home upgrades –  and the shoppable product you need to make them happen.


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It doesn’t get much easier than this simple switch. But upgrading your hardware can go a long way towards a more modern and pulled together look, whether you use brass, black, chrome or nickel.  And this DIY isn’t just for the kitchen. You can replace the hardware on your bathroom vanity, a dresser, or even your doorknobs (if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious).


Prior to purchasing new hardware, measure the distance between the screw holes on your existing pulls. (The hardware will list this as the “Center to Center” dimension.) You’ll ensure the new hardware fits perfectly by buying new pulls with the same CC.

Design: Leanne Ford


For a simple way to spruce things up, try giving your fireplace some love. Whether it’s functional or purely decorative, a new coat of paint can make a fireplace a real focal point in a room. A brick fireplace can go from totally traditional to clean and contemporary with a coat of white, or you can take a mundane mantel and give it new life with a pop of color. CLICK HERE for tips on how to do it right.


Painting a fireplace black, or a dark color will draw the eye to it, while painting it white will make it recede and blend in.

PEEL & STICK A New Floor

Does your current flooring leave a lot to be desired? Simply cover it up! You can lay easy peel and stick vinyl tile right on top of your current flooring and give it a totally new look (that can also be easily removed when you move out). From the classic black and white checkerboard pattern like our Creative Director Brady did here, to penny tile or anything in between, there’s a style to work for every space. CLICK HERE to see the step by step DIY Brady did. You can also use peel and stick patterns to cover an existing fireplace surround or an unsightly kitchen backsplash too. CLICK HERE for tips and tricks on how to do it properly.


Make sure to prep your existing floors (by vacuuming,  mopping and drying) before applying new stick on tile.


Updating tile might not seem like an easy DIY, but we assure you, it is. Instead of tearing it out – just paint it (yes, it’s possible!) A newly updated tile can do wonders for bringing life to an outdated space, and take a totally tragic tile and make it feel fresh (for just pennies compared to replacing it). Whether it’s a ceramic tile backsplash, counter or floor, they’re all fair game for getting modern makeovers. CLICK HERE for all the tips you need to get started.


Be sure to prime your tile prior to painting, and let it dry for 24 hours after you’re done.

Design: Leanne Ford


Instead of thinking of an exposed pipe as an eyesore, treat it as a design opportunity! Using simple rope, you can turn pipes into unique and textural accents (and protect yourself from any pies that get hot). You can even turn the pipe under your bathroom sink into a statement piece that’s equal parts natural, rustic and playful. CLICK HERE for the rundown on wrapping with rope.


Choose a rope that’s not too thick (1″ Diameter or less) to make wrapping a whole lot easier.

Make A Statement With A Stencil

Want to inject some pattern to your patio? It’s as easy as stenciling. You can mimic any tile pattern, from modern to Mediterranean to rustic by simply using a stencil and paint. A concrete patio, or even wood deck, will both work nicely for this DIY, and if you don’t have a patio, this same technique works for an interior concrete floor as well. CLICK HERE to learn how to get started


To make a smaller patio feel bigger, use a larger scale stencil pattern. With fewer repeats of the pattern, the space will feel less busy and more open.

  1. Paula nagle Queiroz da Cruz

    Genius!!! What a genial idea to wrap up the tubes!!! Btw, love you.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Stay inspired xx -B

  2. Excited to try some of these ideas on the new house! I’m a little nervous about painting brick but I’ve been thinking about it for a while now so I might as well.

    1. You should go for it – You can always paint it back if you hate it. Good luck with your space! xx -B

    2. Thanks for your comment. Wishing you luck on your project! xx -B