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Blank Walls: 6 Things To Fill Your Walls With (and our recommendations to help)

Design: Lotta Agaton

Blank walls can be the bane of every single home. And we get it, they aren’t the easiest thing to fill. But, you do have to start somewhere, and that’s what we’re here for.

Go ahead take a look around – you’ve either filled your walls with something and committed, or, you’ve been too scared to make the jump and you have yet to make one single nail hole in your walls. Paint is typically the answer when it comes to giving blank walls a bit of a facelift, but there is only so much rolling one can do before getting bored with that solution. Sometimes, white is the best solution. Which brings us back to our original problem, how to give our blank walls some life.

Instead of opting for paint- we did a little digging for some inspiration that is out of the box. Keep scrolling to see our 6 solutions for bringing those walls to life (no paintbrushes required- we promise).

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The obvious and definitely easiest route. Wall art is the go-to for just about every designer or homeowner because it is easy to find, can be affordable and can also be done in mere minutes. Nail, Hammer, Art. DONE. Whether it’s a full gallery wall that speaks to you or a more minimalist setup of just one large piece, art is a game changer. When it comes to walls, art works on any and every wall.

Not sure what art will work for you? Check out our post Affordable Art Upgrade: 84 Options for Every Style for plenty of ideas to get you started.


Photo: Aubrie Pick
Photo: Trendland


If the wall is empty and you have some height in your ceilings, then find yourself some sculptural (but beautiful) lighting and let that fill the wall space. We love the thought of the light becoming the focal point of the room, especially if it is a classic piece that feels timeless, interesting and also brings some light into the room (literally).

Ready to shed some light on your walls? See our post Lighting Upgrades: 36 Ways to Brighten Up a Rental for inspiration and or lighting picks.



Mirrors have been a solution to boring walls, well – since they came into existence. More recently we’ve seen large oversized ones taking center stage and for good reason. A few well-placed mirrors (especially oversized ones) can not only fill wall space but make the area feel quite a bit larger than it was before. They also can help to bounce light around, and reflect the best parts of the room (and that gorgeous mug of yours. Smile 🙂

See our picks for the best mirror to grace your walls below.


You may not have already considered this solution, but if you have a large wall and are on a tight budget then this one is for you. Yes – it’s the tapestry, but not the tapestries we all used to adorn our walls with in college. We are talking something a bit more upscale and more handmade looking. Since tapestries are typically larger in scale there is no need to worry about adding extra accessories/art to cover the bare space. Their sheer size is what makes them so useful. Just make sure that the style of the tapestry blends well with the style happening in the rest of the room.

Check out our selections of wall worthy wall tapestries below.


This solution falls somewhat in between the wall art category and the wall tapestries category. But it works, and can fill up the space with some beautiful sculptural objects, which is just what you need to give your walls some life. On top of that, every room needs a little bit of sculpture in it, and well if you can bring that in through the walls then you’ve done yourself (and your room) right.

Photo: Elle Decor


We love your family just as much as you do, but sometimes having your family photo blown up and hung on a wall isn’t for everyone. We love the thought of using more candid family photos done in a modern way to bring those cute little faces into the design of your room without your walls screaming, “hey look at our matching denim shirts”.

So which one is your favorite, and which would you opt for in your own home? Let us know if you have any questions below.

  1. Going to get my hammer and nails right now. You’ve inspired me with this list to get my art finally hung up on my walls. Also, congrats on the new site, it is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see what is next for you.

    1. Get it girl! Good luck with your space.

    2. Bobby!!! I’m so ready to get to work! You have no idea how much your website will influence even more people! Hope to meet you one day and good luck with all your future endeavors!

  2. this was JUST wanted I needed 🙂 Recently bought a house and I have NO idea how to fill on the wall space. This was so helpful. Thanks so much, Bobby!

    1. What I needed* typo queen over here…

  3. This article is exactly the inspiration I needed to start getting rid of my own blank walls, thank you. And I love the design of this website, congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re here.

      1. I love the mirrors as wall decor! Im collecting gold mirrors of all sizes for my new apartment.

  4. I love the idea of sculptural lighting foe jigh walls. Not really sure where to look for affordable pieces (in Canada). Any suggestions?

    1. Sounds like we might have to do a large roundup of sculptural lighting soon! There are quite a few in the shopping section under lighting and those vendors might ship internationally.

  5. Just binged all of your seasons and you have helped me fill some of the walls in my house and I have lived there 6 years!!! It’s just so hard! Lol Thanks Bobby!

  6. You are so talented and seem like such a genuinely kind person! Realizing my living room needs a real revamp! Quick question- I have a sheer white curtain over the ONE window in my apartment room (I know…). It makes the wall look so bland… but what might you recommend that accomplishes style without blocking the only light I get?

    1. What if you left the sheer and then added two curtain panels on either side to dress it up a bit? Maybe even a color or a pattern?!

  7. Today I took down old pictures and posters and was trying to decide what to hang up and how I should do it. Now I can’t wait to get started!!! Thanks for the amazing ideas and tips!!

  8. I’m in LOVE with this website and the inspiration from this article! Any recommendations on websites/shops to get unique wall prints or art? Thanks, Bobby and congratulations on your amazing website!

    1. We have a big roundup coming together of all the places to buy art online as well as some of our favorites.

  9. What a beautiful way to display family photos and add the homey feel to a room! And what a beautiful website–Congratulations, you are an inspiration.

  10. This is type of content that excites me, I love interior design, and I live for your creative ideas, I’m so happy for you website! Now I have a place to look for inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much – we are so excited about it. Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a post.

  11. This is great. You’re great. My wife and I are expecting our second child in just a few weeks, we both work full-time plus jobs, our son is in preschool and we moved into our new home last September and are still “unpacking”. This is helping inspire us to get our $#!t together and start putting those family photos, art, mirrors and everything else up on the walls. Thank you for being the inspirational superhero you are.

    1. Congrats! This is such an exciting time. Don’t forget to enjoy each moment, the house will come together eventually 🙂

  12. Tapestries! I’d love to find some that are less dorm room chique!

  13. Just the inspo I needed to go out and buy a huuuuuge mirror above my sofa 🙂 Bobby, you are the best and this website is incredible!!!
    Love from Hungary,

  14. What if your wall isn’t as big as there are? would the same thing apply?

  15. So many great ideas! I am currently struggling with the wall behind my TV.

  16. Iove these ideas.. would love further article on how to use multiple pictures well. Mine are all spaced out and I struggle with how to group pictures effectively.

    1. What a good idea, we will have to pull together a post on how to do a gallery wall!

  17. I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the idea of using candid portraits of family members. It honestly makes me think of Coco (like the kid’s movie) and keeping family stories alive!

    Thanks for all the inspo!

  18. Love those ideas! But could you maybe post some for walls that arent straight because of the roof of the house?

    1. You could use a handful of these ideas for you house if the walls aren’t totally straight. Maybe the tapestry or the sculptural art could work?

  19. I’m totally leaning towards the photos. I just moved to the UK and I’m missing my family, so I could surround myself with some love right about now ❤️??

  20. We adore you, all the way from Sweden!

    1. Sending love back to Sweden.
      jag älskar dig

  21. Thank you for this post!!! I am excited about all the possibilities for decorating the walls when I move into my new apartment. Thanks Bobby!

  22. Option #7 … plants! I reckon there are few things better than a gorgeous pop of greenery on a wall to make a space feel alive and colourful!

  23. I love the idea of lighting becoming a focal point into the room. I’m going tot be trying this at home!!

  24. Bobby, as always your suggestions are so appliable I can almost see my walls upgrading in my head already. So inspiring !

  25. Have been giving my house a BB moment this week and am now ready for these final touches. Thank you for explaining design and inspiring change in a way that is joyous and doesn’t become overwhelming. Art, light, tapestry, action! Big up x

  26. I can’t even begin to choose a starting point. I absolutely love ever idea you have shown. You’re the best. If I only had a touch of your talent. Thank you for all of the fantastic ideas.

  27. So, I am in a really fun situation! I just moved in with my boyfriend and his/our roommate (we all get along amazingly). As of now the interrior and exterior has been let us say ‘functional’. The landlord is an absolute doll and will let us do pretty much whatever we want. I have a blank canvas to work with and it is really daunting. We are going to be here for quite a few years and I want to make it feel like home. So, this is a question for this brand new awesome community!! How do you decorate to include everyone? Remain functional but homey on a budget? Also, is it possible to get others to agree on a wall color??
    With Love,
    Queen Sammantha

    1. Hey Queen 🙂 Sounds like a fun new situation. Decorating to please everyone can be hard sometimes but the best thing you can do is make sure to include eachother in major decisions about the room. Try to keep the large furniture pieces neutral as they will transition with you over time and then you can bring in color, interest and texture through the accessories and textiles. Good luck!

  28. This is amazing! Just the inspiration I needed – my fiancé have been fixing up our first home for the last year. We’re about half way done and I was starting to get burned out. Thank you!

  29. Hi!! I Love this gallery wall! I’m a client of Dr Do, check out my gallery walls on Instagram @charissephotography

    Love your style!!

  30. Just saw you on E. I instantly had to check out this website. I found it fabulous?

  31. Hallo,

    Is it ok to incorporate more than one thing (for example photos and sculptural art) to fill up the walls or do you have to pick one and stick to it?



  32. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before
    but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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