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7 Clever Products You Never Knew You Needed (All For Under $15)

Some products are helpful. Others are even smart. And then there are the oh-so-clever items you never knew you needed (but soon won’t be able to live without). And today we’re letting you in on 7 of our absolute favorite products that will have you wondering “why didn’t I think of that!”


From the bedroom to the kitchen, to anywhere you’re headed outside of the house, these clever products were designed to make everyday tasks a little easier. And they also happen to all be totally affordable too (with everything coming in under $15)! So go ahead, start shopping and discover the products you’ll always want to have at home.



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The Smarter Way To Scrub

Using sustainable water bottles and metal drinking straws is certainly a no-brainer for being planet-friendly. But how to really clean them properly? That requires a bit more thought. Getting into those nooks and crannies to get rid of bacteria, gunk and any other dirt (yuck) is no job for an ordinary sponge. Instead, turn to this 4 piece set of specially designed brushes made for sliding into narrow straws and ridding residue from lids. And since they’re all attached, you’ll never lose track of these valuable scrubbers.


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A Handier Way To Hang 

When it comes to hanging artwork, the struggle is real (even a seasoned pro like Bobby). But this terrific tool allows you to perfectly position a nail without any guesswork whatsoever. No more holding a finger and fumbling for a pencil to make a mark (you know you’ve been there) or hammering 5 holes to find the right placement. Simply place the hanging wire on the built-in hook, position, and press down. You’ll create an exact mark where the nail should go, and can then use the built-in level to make sure it’s lined up just right.


BUY HERE for $12


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Make Your Mask Stay Put

Dealing with a face mask that keeps fogging up your glasses or slipping off your nose with every sentence? We’ve got a solution you can stick to. A bit of double-sided medical tape will easily attach to your existing mask and your nose, creating a snug seal (that can still be easily and painlessly removed). And after giving it a try, Bobby can confirm these strips retain their stickiness even when removing your mask multiple times – and some serious sweating while on a hike.



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The Sharper Way To Get Slicing

63,000 people can’t be wrong. (That’s the number of glowing reviews this super useful knife sharpener has on Amazon, btw.) And after using it on our own dreadfully dull knives, we can certainly see why it’s so beloved. With just a few quick back and forth motions over the grinding section a knife seriously slices like new! It’s truly the product every kitchen needs, and for just $6, it’s also the product everyone can actually afford too.


BUY HERE for $8


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Keep Your Comforter In The Corners

Nothing feels quite like freshly laundered bedding. But when a duvet shifts inside its cover, your comforter ends up looking (and feeling) clumpy. (Plus after a night of tossing and turning, it can get even more tangled.) That’s where this simple solution comes in. Just attach a clip to a corner of the duvet and the other end to the cover. It will now stay perfectly in place, keeping corners aligned – and your bed looking its best.


BUY HERE for $6


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How To Keep Wine Tasting Fine

After enjoying a glass of wine, you’ve probably been left with a partially full bottle. But instead of just sticking a cork in it (and to ensure those grapes keep tasting great) you’ll want to preserve your open bottle with a simple vacuum sealer. A few quick pumps help slow down the oxidation process (what makes wine taste vinegary) by removing oxygen, leaving your bottle as drinkable as the day you popped it open. Cheers to that!


BUY HERE for $13


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Say ByeBye To A Funky Smelling Fridge

Sometimes, basic baking soda isn’t going to cut it when trying to eliminate unpleasant odors. (You know, the ones you can’t quite locate – but can definitely smell seeping from somewhere in the fridge.)  That’s when we turn to this nose-saving tool which functions as a super deodorizer (that’s non-toxic and leakproof). It also lasts up to 6 months, meaning you can plop it in the fridge and forget it -along with any memories of that funky smell.


BUY HERE for $11


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