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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep (Without Replacing Your Mattress)


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, well, many of us aren’t (35% of Americans to be exact). And while what you’re sleeping on certainly matters, the solution to better sleep doesn’t always mean shopping for a new (and yes, expensive) mattress. In fact, there are simple solutions you can implement tonight to give yourself a more restful tomorrow- and we’re sharing them all. 


After reading reviews and consulting the experts, we’ve narrowed in on 7 products that can really improve the quality (and quantity) of your sleep. Some of them will physically help you feel more comfortable and supported, and others can help adjust your internal clock and relax a busy mind. Just keep in mind that everyone’s sleep needs are different, so none of these options is a one-size-fits-all solution to sweet dreams. Take some time to evaluate your sleep routine, and see which product might fit your needs – and bed- the best.


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A Bestselling Pillow Made For Cooling Comfort 

There are so many pillows on the market that claim to help you sleep better. And then there are some that actually have the reviews to back it up (94,000 to be exact!) This number 1 bestseller on Amazon is an ideal addition to your bed because it’s literally stuffed with ways to help you sleep more soundly. The down-alternative fill also has a gel fiber that helps regulate your temperature and keep you cool. Plus they’re designed for all sleeping positions, are stain-resistant (bonus!), and won’t bunch up or lose their shape over time. Seriously, we may have stumbled upon the perfect pillow – at a price you definitely won’t lose sleep over.



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A Smarter Light To Wake Up To

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t just about falling (and staying) asleep – it’s also about how you wake up. And the proven way to rise (and start your day on a sunnier note) is with the sun. This clever light simulates a natural sunrise by slowly getting brighter to gradually lull you from slumber. It also features 3 soothing sound options to block out any noise, a clock with an alarm, and even works with Alexa and Google (in case you need to ask for just a few more minutes to snooze).


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An Easy Mattress Upgrade (For Just $50)

If your mattress is less than ideal, consider this easy addition before you spend big bucks replacing it. A memory foam topper could be the solution you’ve been searching for. This 1.5″ thick pad is like a super supportive cushion to molds to meet your every move – and can seriously improve your sleep. It’s practically like have a new bed that will make every night more restful – for just a fraction of the price.


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A Simple Support For Side Sleepers 

Side sleepers take note. This is one simple solution you’ll want to start taking to bed (that won’t hog the covers either). A contour foam pillow that’s made for between your knees is the key to keeping you comfortable while catching some Zzzzs. And unlike that throw pillow you may have been using, this one is ergonomically designed to support your legs and knees – and properly align your spine for optimal sleep. And this affordable option is made of ventilated memory foam (that won’t make you feel hot) and has a washable cover for quick cleaning.


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A New Kind Of Sleep Machine 

You’ve probably heard of (and perhaps tried) many of the sleep machines on the market. But what sets this new model apart isn’t sound or any gimics – it’s simply taking a breath. The device works by projecting a series of blue lights onto your ceiling and encouraging you to match your breath to the sequence. Over the course of 8 minutes of deep breaths, your body is naturally lulled into sleep, and the minimal-looking machine simply turns itself off. Now that’s something to breathe easy about.


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A Weighted Blanket Made For Comfort 

One of the keys to sound sleep is finding comfort. And nothing is more comforting than a weighted blanket (that’s just like wearing a warm embrace). This stylish sherpa option is an easy way to get snugly – and have a night of undisturbed sleep. And with a removable cover, it makes an ideal addition to your everyday bedding. So don’t let the weight of the world keep you awake – let a weighted blanket keep you asleep.


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A Sleep Supplement To Help You Nod Off Faster 

If you’ve tried all sorts of methods and still find sleep elusive, consider giving these gummies a go. This sleep supplement (which has 25,000 positive reviews) is packed with melatonin, L-theanine (an amino acid that promotes calmness), and a sprinkling of natural botanicals to get you relaxed. And since they are totally non-habit forming, it’s a safe option to add to your bedtime routine.  Just chew 2 gummies 30 minutes before bed and you’ll be off to dreamland as soon as you hit the pillow!


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