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8 Budget Backyard Ideas To Enjoy The End Of Summer In Style

Design: Calimia Home

There may just be few weeks of Summer left, but that’s still plenty of time to take in the benefits of outdoor living – and give your backyard a real boost. It won’t take a total overhaul either! Focusing on just one or two improvements can make your space a lot more functional (and enjoyable). And we’re showing you 8 ways to do it – before the sun sets on the season! 

Sunny summer days and warm nights won’t last forever! So make the most of this time of year by taking on an outdoor upgrade. Whether it’s a new spot to get comfortable, stay cool, or enhance the outdoor ambiance, these affordable ideas can work with whatever size or shape your backyard may be.


Keep scrolling to see 8 ways to elevate your backyard – and really enjoy the last few weeks of summer – for under $100.


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1. Create A Simple Seating Area

Creating a backyard seating area doesn’t require an extensive setup. You just need a pair of comfy chairs to kick back and truly get relaxed. One of our favorite options is an affordable butterfly chair, which is a lot better looking than anything plastic – and can be folded up and stored when the summer is over.



2. Give Yourself Some Shade

An umbrella is the classic choice for providing shade, but a sun sail will also work wonders at blocking UV rays and keeping your patio cool. It can be mounted via hardware to the side of your home and provide full sun coverage (all for just $22!)


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3. Pull Up To A Firepit

Who wouldn’t want to get nice and cozy in front of a fire on a chilly summer eve? (The answer is no one!)  And it’s easily achievable with a freestanding firepit that can go anywhere you want to warm up. Plus, this piece will still get plenty of use as summer fades and crisp autumn air rolls in.

4. Add Some Pavers

Lacking an area to set up your outdoor seating or dining? Try your hand at hardscaping. On a level area of your backyard, you can add inexpensive pavers or pea gravel to create your own patio for a whole lot less. Check out this DIY for all the info on how to make it happen.



5. String Up Some Lights

Nothing creates that magical summer glow quite like a few strands of string lights. They can also instantly elevate an ordinary space into something truly special. (That’s why we like to add them to almost every project). To get the maximum coverage, hang your lights in a back and forth zig-zag pattern and you’ll need fewer strands to fill your space.


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6. Plant Some Perrenials

To give your backyard a burst of color, look to plants that will pop – and pop up year after year. Perennials only need to be planted once – and will then regrow each spring (which means you’ll save money by not purchasing new plants down the line). Russain Sage, Coneflower, and Blanket Flower are all popular options that can work well in a number of different climates, but be sure to check what works best in your area before planting




7. Hang Up A Hammock 

Lazy summer days were made for backyard hangs – and a hammock is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. A classic rope option will look great in just about any space, but if you don’t quite have room, go for a rope chair that still offers comfort in a more compact design.



8. Add-In Accessories 

Don’t underestimate the ability accessories have to elevate your outdoor area. Whether it’s outdoor pillows, some stylish serving ware, or an uber-functional bar cart, it’s the little things that can add up to a big visual impact. When accessorizing, try sticking to a color palette of just 2-3 shades to keep things feeling cohesive.



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  1. Enjoy most of tips. But the couches no way no how!! I wanna know where to get large pavers

    1. Your local home improvement store should have some large pavers, or you can shop these options from Lowe’s. xx -B