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8 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (That Aren’t Totally Cheesy)

At one point or another, we’ve probably all given -or received – the box of chocolates, dozen roses, or heart-shaped locket (you know the one). And while it’s really the thought behind the gift that counts this Valentine’s Day, give your special someone something that’s truly special – with a last-minute gift that says I love you (while avoiding the obvious).

Want to really impress your sweetheart? Then gift them something that isn’t quite so expected. You’ve still got time to find something fun, functional, or fully indulgent this holiday – and we’re showing you how! All these ideas are available for two-day shipping, so you can still get them in time for V-day.


Keep scrolling to see 8 ideas for last-minute gifts (that avoid all heart-shaped cliches).


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A More Colorful candle 

Instead of searching for a scented candle they’ll be smitten with, opt for this more expressive option that creates a colorful trail of wax – and is sure to melt their heart. 


BUY HERE for $13


A Handier Way To Hold On

If there’s one thing they love almost as much as you – it’s probably their phone. So indulge their other electronic love with an accessory that makes things more accessible. This wallet and pop-up handle combo means they can easily grab their phone (and their credit card to pay for that romantic dinner).



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An Oil That Will Become An Essential 

Give a gift that will keep on giving – through cleansed, hydrated, and healthy skin. This uni-sex all-in-one oil is packed with organic nutrients and can be used everywhere – face, body, hair (even beards). And what’s not to love about that?



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A SILKIER WAY To Fall Asleep

Sharing a good night’s sleep is another way to really show some love. And a silk sleep mask is the most comfortable way to help them nod off more easily (and dream about you all night long, of course) Plus, it comes in a palette of  9 different soothing shades.



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An easy way To Make Memories 

This mini- instant camera is the perfect present for capturing lots of cute memories (courtesy of  2″ x 3″ photos). They’ll love snapping lots of pics of their favorite subject (you) and any other memorable moments. And if you’re not coupled up, but still want to click away – it’s also got a convenient one-touch selfie mode.


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A Ring That’s JUST RIGHT

You might be thinking ” isn’t jewelry a little bit too obvious?” Normally, yes – but not when it’s a ring that’s just the right mix of modern and understated. This delicate design is far from an over the top token of affection, and more like a sweet sentiment that will always be a subtle reminder of how much you care.


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Slippers They’ll Love Stepping Into

For a gift that says I care for you – all the way down to your toes–  opt for a pair of shearling slippers. This set will be extra snuggly for their feet, with faux fur and a memory foam sole. And don’t just take out word for it – 7,000 reviewers love them too! 



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Maybe there’s a man in your life that’s reluctant to admit that winter has taken a toll on his hands. And while you can always encourage them to lotion up, you can also gift them a minimalist and totally man-friendly cream of their own. With no fragrance and no fuss, this is a product he’ll actually love.


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