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8 Of The Best-Reviewed Smart Home Devices To Get You More Connected

There are endless ways to make your home more beautiful. And thanks to technology, there are now just as many ways to make it smarter too. All you need is a simple wireless connection, and your space can be fully connected (and voice-controlled). Bust what smart products have the features that really make life easier? We’ve unpacked the products and tested the tech for you – and narrowed it down to 8 of the best smart devices for every task (that also have thousands of real-life reviews to back them up). 



While lots of tech products claim to be smart, not all of them actually come through with proven results. That’s why we’re saving you the legwork and sharing the smart home products that really will make your home a whole lot more connected. From lightbulbs to speakers, screens to locks, and cameras to plugs, these are the devices you should utilize in every room of your home. 


Keep scrolling to see 8 of the best-reviewed smart home devices (and the one Bobby enthusiastically reccomends) -starting at just $12!


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Best Smart Bulb


Color Changing Dimmable WiFi LED Light Bulb


REVIEWS: 7,000

This bulb has all the benefits of a dimmable LED, plus the ability to adjust to an array of colors (perfect for setting a mood in the evening or unwinding to soothing shades after a long day). And besides being able to turn on this bulb with just a click on your phone, you can also connect to Alexa or Google Assitant for a voice-activated option. Trust us, once you go smart bulb, you’ll never want to flip a switch again.

BUY HERE for $15

Best Smart Speakers 


Google Nest Mini


REVIEWS: 1,400

This compact speaker packs plenty of power – and lots of purpose. Use it to play your favorite music, control lights, turn up the heat or connect it to thousands of other devices for voice-activated ease. You can also easily mount it on the wall, or link up multiple Nests together to create a seamless speaker throughout your space.

BUY HERE for $49

Amazon Echo Dot


REVIEWS: 268,000

As the most popular smart speaker on the market, there’s nothing this little guy can’t do.  Sure it plays music and allows you to use your voice in tons of different ways, but it also has some features that set it apart. Most notably, it can work as a security system, alerting you if it hears a smoke alarm or loud noise. And if you’re concerned about privacy, it even has a handy microphone off button for disconnecting the device.

BUY HERE for $40

Best Smart Camera


Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera


REVIEWS: 43,000


There are many, many reasons this is the top-rated smart camera out there. For starters, it’s super easy to set up and start recording in no time at all. It also has a motion sensor (that can automatically record a 12-second event video) sound-recording capabilities, a 1080p live stream, and night vision. Plus, you get two cameras for a price you may have to see to believe. 

BUY HERE for $50 (for 2)


Best Smart Plug


Wyze Smart Home Plug


REVIEWS: 4,400

So what exactly makes a smart plug so appealing? It’s a super affordable way to turn any regular outlet into a plug that can be turned on from anywhere. It also enables you to set a schedule for an item to turn on or off daily (like a lamp, fan, or phone charger) and connect to any other smart device seamlessly.

BUY HERE for $12

Best Smart Screen


Amazon Echo Show 8


REVIEWS: 218,000

Like the Echo dot, this device can do a lot – but also show you a lot too. From watching tv shows and movies to making video calls to viewing photos, it’s like a larger smartphone for any corner of your home. It’s also made for simplifying and streamlining tasks, from finding recipes to adding items to a calendar (which is why it’s also a permanent fixture in Bobby’s kitchen).

BUY HERE for $104



Best Smart Light Switch 


Kasa Smart Light Switch


REVIEWS: 18,000

This smart best-seller is another way to use tech to turn off and on your lights. While it still functions as a standard dimmer switch, it also gives you the option to use a timer or countdown to automatically turn on and off while you’re home or away. You can also enable away mode to randomly switch lights on and off for added security.

BUY HERE for $15


Best Smart Lock


August Smart Lock Pro


REVIEWS: 9,500



House keys are so 2020. The newest smart device is a wifi enabled lock that gives you keyless access to your home. Just easily attach to your existing deadbolt, and you have a smarter way of knowing who is coming and going. You’ll also have remote access through your phone, and can even open and close with your voice.

BUY HERE for $160