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8 Of The Best Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

If there’s one thing you can count on every summer, it’s temperatures rising. And hotter weather means it’s even harder to stay cool at home (especially if you don’t have central air). Adding in a clever cooling solution can be the difference between sweltering all-season or saying nice and comfortable. So we’re showing you 8 of the best ways to tackle the heat without breaking a sweat.  



Keep scrolling to see 8 ways to stay cool – from the most effective fans to clever cooling solutions, to the best air conditioner  – starting at a breezy 18 bucks!



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Best Personal Fan

Measuring just 8″ high, the pint-sized model still packs plenty of cooling power. It’s also specifically designed to help better circulate air and keep a small space feeling a lot more comfortable.


IDEAL FOR: Desktops and Small Spaces

BUY HERE for $30


Best AC Window Unit 

It takes just one sweltering summer to teach you that not all window units are created equal. So opt for a model that’s made smarter (and quieter). This energy-efficient option can also be controlled by an App or Alexa, and features a bonus built-in dehumidifier.


IDEAL FOR: Rooms up to 250 Square Feet

BUY HERE for $350

Best Evaporative Air Cooler

Take the cooling effects of a fan to the next level with this clever gadget. It acts as a personal air conditioner by drawing in warm air and cooling it through the process of evaporation. Plus you can take it anywhere that temperatures are rising  (and charge using a USB).


IDEAL FOR: Travel, Desktops and Small Spaces

BUY HERE for $89


Best Bladeless Fan 

Nearly 3,000 reviewers agree that this bladeless fan is a great go-to for easy air circulation. And the compact size and built-in light also make it perfectly suited for cooling all night long on a nightstand.

IDEAL FOR: Bedrooms, Kid’s Room or Nursery

BUY HERE for $40



Best Window Fan 

For optimal cooling, two fans can often be better than one. This window fan has a pair that work simultaneously to pull out hot air and draw in cool air – along with a programmable thermostat and handy remote control.


BUY HERE for $54

Best Tower Fan 

For cooling that can tuck into any corner, a tower fan is a real space-saving solution. And this model also stands out for what it doesn’t offer: a lot of noise. The quiet oscillation means you’re cool and comfortable without hearing a thing.


IDEAL FOR: Compact Spaces, Kitchens

BUY HERE for $50


Best Box Fan 

The classic box fan has been around for years for a reason: it really works. If you need to cool a large area fast and effectively, this model makes it easy (not to mention extremely affordable).


BUY HERE for $18


Best Portable Cooling Fan 

Add some ice cubes or water to this portable product, and you’ve got a chilly breeze in seconds (that can last up to 8 hours). Consider a real lifesaver on your next camping trip, beach day or picnic in the park.


IDEAL FOR: Travel, Camping

BUY HERE for $40


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    1. Thanks so much for your comment and reading my story. Hope you are staying cool and safe this summer! xx -B