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8 Smart Ways To Use Command Hooks In Your Home

Photo: 3M

When it comes to hanging anything in your home, one brand should always come to mind: Command. From handy hooks, to holders, strips and shelves, they seriously have a product for every room and every task. And we’re about to show you 8 smart ways to use command hooks to create a home that’s more functional, organized, and of course, sturdily stuck in place! 

Don’t get hung up on how to properly hang things in your home. Simply seek out Bobby’s go-to products for simple hanging in just seconds. Command products are easy to use, have a strong hold, and won’t damage your walls, making them an ideal solution for both permanent and temporary applications. So let us show you the top 8 smart ways to use command hooks in your home! 


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Photo: 3M

1. For Creating Easy Storage 

Command has you covered when it comes to hanging – and even when you need additional smart storage. This stick on caddy works wonders for adding space anywhere you need it, from the inside of cabinet doors to the walls of your laundry, bathroom or pantry (and holds up to 10 lbs).



Photo: 3M

2. For Corralling Cords 

Getting cords under control just got a lot easier. Long cords are easily corraled into orderly bundles courtesy of this ingenious product. Use them on the back of a dresser or credenza to keep the floor clear, or attached to small appliances to avoid cord chaos.



Photo: 3M

3. For Hanging Outdoor Lights 

Don’t struggle with hanging outdoor lights ever again. Instead, reach for these clever light clips, which can be mounted to cinder blocks, concrete, wood or siding for perfect patio string lighting or a hassle free holiday light display.



Photo: 3M

4. For Holding Cleaning Supplies

Here’s a clever solution for storing brooms, mops or any other handled cleaning tool. This command gripper will securely hold the handle, keeping it suspended off the floor – and easily accessible whenever you need it.



Photo: 3M

5. For Simple Shower Storage

There are lots of options when it comes to shower storage. But none have the staying – and sticking – power of the command shower caddy. The water resistant strips won’t loose their grip like a suction cup, so you’ll never have to worry about your shampoo or conditioner crashing off the shower wall.



Photo: 3M

6. For Hanging Artwork

For an easier way to hang your art, simply apply command picture hanging strips to the back of the artwork. Apply the strips to each side and press firmly to make sure your artwork is secure (they hold up to 16 lbs). You won’t damage your walls, and it’s so much easier than a hammer and nails.



Photo: 3M

7. For Heavy Duty Hanging

When you’ve got larger items to hang, you need some heavy duty help. Reach for these extra large hooks made to easily hold items up to 10 lbs. They’ll come in handy all over the house, but are especially ideal for the laundry room, garage, and closets.



Photo: 3M

8. For Adjustable Decorating

Command even has a solution for when you want secure hanging, but may need to make adjustments. Here’s a hook that can be repositioned up to 3 times within 20 minutes, allowing you a chance to change your mind, and the location of whatever you happen to be hanging.