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Do These 8 Things Before You Move (And Save Time & Energy Along The Way)

Summer is the season for travel, spending lots of time outdoors, and for many of us, the ideal time to make the move to a new home. And while moving may bring to mind a stressful situation of rooms bursting with boxes, there are easy ways to make your move a lot smoother. Whether you’re moving across the country or just around the corner, get ready to learn all the time-saving tips – and be perfectly settled in your new place before you know it. 

Yes, packing up all your belongings is a serious undertaking. But with a little (ok, maybe a lot) of preparation, the right planning, and a few smart services, you can feel at home in your new home – and avoid headaches before you get there. Ready to unpack all our pro tips? Keep scrolling to see our 8 tips to move smarter – and save yourself from new home hassles along the way.



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1. Take Time To Downsize

Before you pack a single item, it pays to think about what you might not need to take with you. Preparing for a move is the perfect time to assess what you have – and part ways with anything you really don’t need.  Even if you’re moving to a larger space, sorting through any underutilized belongings is a smart move (that will also save you time unpacking too). Just be sure to donate or recycle!


If you want to make extra money before the move, consider selling some items you’re ready to depart with on Poshmark, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.


2. Plan Ahead With A Moving Folder 

To simplify the transition to your new space, collect all your essential paperwork (like rental agreements, moving contracts, receipts, or mail forwarding info) in one place. Whether digital or a hard copy, having all this info in one spot will def save you from searching through emails  – and adding any more stress to an already complicated endeavor. And make sure to keep this info close at hand during the actual moving day in case any questions or issues arise.



3. Use Services To Pack Smarter (And Make Space)

Cardboard boxes and movers will always be the classic choice for a move. But if you’re looking for a streamlined option (that can also store your belongings) take a look at Makespace. They provide you with re-useable packing containers, pick them up, store them, and then deliver them whenever you’re ready. Plus, you can see an inventory of all your items online once they’ve been picked up – so you know exactly what is on its way.



4. Always Take Essentials With You 

Before you’ve taped shut your final box, make sure you’ve set aside some essentials to keep handy on the day of the move. It’s always a good idea to keep toiletries, medications, and a change of clothes in a bag as you head to your new home. In case anything gets lost or delayed, you’ll at least have some essentials on hand. And don’t forget to bring along some cleaning supplies as well to make sure your space is sparkling before you start unpacking.


You can also self-deliver any precious cargo (like mirrors, artwork, or plants) to your new home to make sure they arrive in perfect shape.

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5. Pack Like A Pro

It’s essential to give yourself ample time to pack – and to pack smarter – in order to save yourself time and energy in your new home. Make your way room by room and pack up all items that will live together in the same box, and opt for smaller boxes for your heaviest items (you def don’t want to throw out your back while hauling a heavy box of books). And of course, don’t forget to label boxes on 5 sides – so you’ll always be able to see exactly where it needs to go.


To avoid having to purchase boxes, start stockpiling any that you’ve acquired from deliveries a few weeks prior to your move.


6. Make Use Of Moving Container 

Sometimes you have to think inside the box – or cube – for a better move. For an easier (and more economical) way to tackle a long-distance relocation, opt for a container that you can pack yourself. These services will drop a large cube in your driveway or curb, pick it up a few days later, and re-deliver at your new destination. And while not as easy as hiring a truck and team of movers, it can save you thousands of dollars – and the hassle of moving items yourself.

7. Make Sure Your New Space Is Prepped

Whenever possible, try and get the keys to your new pad a few days prior to moving out of your previous one. That way, you’ll have time to prep, paint, and prepare before moving boxes start making their way in. You can so think a bit more about where items will live, and even label them with post it’s to save time when you start unpacking. And If you’re on a tighter schedule, at least try to give your future home a full cleaning a few hours before movers arrive.


It’s even easier to make quick home improvements when your space is empty. So change out light fixtures, add peel and stick tile or update hardware before you’re in a sea of moving boxes.


8. Reward Yourself When Wrapped Up

Moving is a massive (and exhausting) undertaking no matter the size or location. So make sure to give yourself something to look forward to once you’re in your new space – especially if you’ve got little ones. Plan a special dinner, wine night, or even a family slumber party once you’ve arrived. Any way to incentivize and motivate yourself will make all the hard work worth it in the end.