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A Letter From Bobby: The Coronavirus & Our Community

Here at Bobby Berk, we make a commitment to deliver quality content that will resonate with you, ignite your creativity and ultimately lead to your happiness. The past few weeks, and even days, have escalated like no other, and we’ve been faced with the uncertainty of our society. Our hearts go out to those impacted and the heroic work from our healthcare professionals around the world.


The safety of our team and our readers is our first priority. All members of the Bobby Berk team have been instructed to work from home. We have canceled all events, panels, meet and greets, etc. We are still plugged in, continuing to work on projects, developing content and working together on conference calls, and most importantly, encouraging one another during a very isolated time. We hope you all do the same, where you can. Our plans this week for our content both on social and on have changed. Still giving you moments of creativity to keep you inspired, we are also going to deliver content to fulfill your needs during such an unprecedented time: podcast and book recommendations, online resources for parents that are home with kids, ways to work from home, and more.

We are amazed by the care and connection that occurs in communities around the world during this time, and encourage you to please be safe and responsible. Here are a few practical ways you can ensure the wellbeing of not only yourself but your community as a whole.


  • There are a number of travel restrictions already in place, so avoiding travel is in the best interest of everyone.

Practice Social Distancing

  • Practice social distancing and stay away from large group situations like bars, concerts, gyms and movie theaters. This article helps break down how social distancing can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Support Local Businesses

  • Support local restaurants by ordering delivery or takeout. (Many restaurants and delivery services are even offering “contact-free” delivery.)

Stay informed

Connect with those around you 

  • If you are working from home or still working in the office, we want this site to be a place of respite from everything that is going on. We encourage you to connect below in the comments. Leave your suggestions, your links to articles that you have found helpful, podcasts or playlists you are listening to or anything else. We are at our strongest when we are together.


  • The way that we talk about what is happening can have a huge impact on the way that people react. Consider using the below
  • WORRIED instead of FREAKED OUT

I send you so much love and hope that through this difficult time this site and our content can be a place of refuge and distraction from everything that is going on. We will see you here tomorrow.

  1. Great article and advice Bobby. I love your suggestions for talking in a positive way.

    1. Agree totally with l the suggestions and feedback back. All the good blessings to all of you in your beautiful country USA, from all of us here down under in Ozz ?

    2. Thank you Helen. You’ve got to stay positive! -B

  2. Understand that panic causes us to go into fight/flight mode and one of our systems that closes down is our immune system when we do this. We need strong immune systems so DON’T panic, Do breath, meditate, do yoga and think as a community not an individual. Love your site thank you.

    1. So true. Thanks for the reminder. -B

  3. Thank you. I feel like you are proving us a break room from the gloom and worry.

    1. We’re happy to do so! Thanks for reading and stay safe. -B

  4. Oh Bobby, God bless you and yours. So supportive. Your suggestions are so reassuring and helpful. And yes we do all need a refuge and to be reassured at this time. What a wonderful responsible place this is going to be, and so thoughtful. I feel more positive already. Encouragement, positivity, and we can still do some small creative things at home to keep us inspired also. I always feel refreshed if I just swap out some accessories and change things around a little. And how about some favorite comfort food recipes. Cocoa and s’mores, Mac and cheese with a few interesting additions, good ol’ sausage and mash with chopped parsley and a spoon of dried onions in the mash to change it up and of course some minted peas And gravy, or a lovely citrus salad salad of crisp leaves, or baby spinach with snow peas, green peppers, cucumber, canned or fresh mandarine segments or orange segments,spring onion and chopped mint. Delish! Dressed with orange juice(or juice from can , olive oil and a little lemon juice or cider vinegar. Sprinkle over some toasted pecans or walnuts dried cranberries or for extra oomph some torn mozzarella or goats cheese. Or a simple Salad Nicoise is always comforting. Of course we already have the great pancake recipe from the other day. Yum. Looking forward to the podcast and book recommendations. Thanks so much. Always inspiring and reassuring and practical. Someone cares. Big love and blessings. ? ?.

    1. Great recipe suggestions Susan! Thanks so much. -B

  5. What a calming article filled with great suggestions. Like a long distance public distancing great big hug. Thanks Bobby and Company!

    1. You’re so welcome Carol. Just trying to help where we can. -B

  6. Just got some heavenly “Rose Apothecary” body lotion and soaps from Beekman in the mail! So grateful for the postal workers who are bring us joy, and the talented people (and goats!) from Beekman. If you can’t get to the gym, try a workout with my daughter… in Hawaii! Check out her online Hiit Fit workouts as well as “Booty” Bootcamp… military spouse who also donates most classes to other military spouses! Go to…xoxo

    1. Great idea Jen! I’ll check it out. Stay safe. -B

  7. Thank you Bobby, and stay healthy..

    A fan of yours from San Diego, CA.

  8. Thank you for your beauty, love, and light! Going to your website and seeing your lovely pics and reading your positive words makes me smile and feel at ease.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you very much. -B

  9. Over the course of seasons I have fallen in love with your person; your spirit, your incredible talent and eye for design, your caring and kind heart. Thank you for this newsletter!

    1. You’re so sweet to say. Thank you so much. -B

  10. Hi Bobby
    Look forward to your fantastic emails every day. Always something new and interesting. Fun too.
    Stay safe and keep well
    Love you Bobby
    ❤️ Ireland

    1. So glad to hear that! Thank you for reading. -B

  11. The language we use!!! The love the talking about it section.
    Very Useful

  12. Your designs gave me new ideas for my home. Stay well My life at 17 yrs old was forever changed, saved, and enriched by 5 Gay men.

    1. So happy that our story sparked some ideas for you. Stay safe and healthy! – B

  13. Although my country (New Zealand) is managing the pandemic extremely well I think it’s taking a mental toll on many of us. So important for us all to ‘be kind to each other’ and to ourselves wherever we are. Hugs to all.

    1. Thanks for reading and reminding us to be kind during these hard times. Sending lots of love. xx -B