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A Letter from Bobby

I can’t believe this day is finally here. The launch of our new editorial platform  Today, marks a new chapter for the brand and a benchmark on the journey that we have just begun. It’s been a long time coming, and now just shy of 15 years having my own business we are launching a multi-media, all encompassing source for you.

I want this site to be a destination for you – the reader. I want this site to be exciting, to be inspiring, to be educational, to be fun, to be multifaceted and to be a place that you can come to every day for something new.

So what can you expect from us, here at It will be a curated place for design, lifestyle, fashion, health, wellness, fitness, shopping, and so much more.

Our doors are officially open, and we are so excited for you to see what we have inside. It’s our first day of business and we are still working out the glitches and kinks of launching a brand new site (so let us know below in the comments if anything isn’t working for you properly as you navigate), but I can’t wait to have you join the journey with me. It will be the first online platform of its kind and I am thrilled to show you what we’ve been working on. This is just the beginning but I hope that you enjoy interacting with us and become inspired to visit it, read it, and share it. We are all so glad you’re here and we welcome you to enjoy.

  1. I have been so curious as to what the big announcement was and now that it is here I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to see more from you and have loved watching you on QE. Congratulations.

    1. Surprise! We are just as excited as you are. We have a lot planned for the site and it has been a labor of love but I can’t wait to show you all what we have planned.

      1. Congratulations Bobby on your new website. I just finished marathon watching Queer Eye and was very moved by your sensitivity and humanity in all the episodes. Your design work is fabulous, but it’s your sharing about your own journey which has been so inspiring. Thank you for helping to make the world a more beautiful place!

        1. Hi Bobby,
          I met you while you were designing one of the Pardee Homes Communities in Las Vegas, NV.
          You where very down to earth and sweet.
          I did not know Of your career or your show until my daughter told me she was star struck that I knew you! Lol… I then watched your show and see just how special you are and how you make a difference in peoples lives!
          Congrats on your endeavors, and you are truly blessed (as is your fan base is) to watch you accomplish valuable changes For people.
          Great work!
          Kimberly ( The agent that didn’t know how to adjust sound system for you lol)

          1. Thanks so much for your comment and for remembering me from Vegas! So wonderful to have met you and hope to visit again for more projects soon. xx -B

    2. Thank you, Bobby, for being an awesome role model! I’m loving the site and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Love you!

    3. Bobby,
      You are most definitely an inspiration. You are talented, creative and blessed. You can actually build a car from a scrap yard. I so love the work you do on Fab5 along with your colleagues.
      Blessings on your new endeavor
      Lydia Parris from Canada

  2. So excited! I already binged all of season 3 so now I don’t have to wait months to get more of your design inspo!

    1. We’ve got lots coming your way Brandon! So glad you are here 🙂

  3. Not that I would expect anything less, but the website is stunning. I’m so excited for all of the great content and features to come.
    It was definitely worth waiting for!!!

    1. We’ve been so excited to announce it. Glad to have you here 🙂

      1. My goodness! Love the website. After several years of ignoring styling my house in favour of travel, I have now found a place of inspiration and expert knowledge. Love it.

        1. Bobby, you’re such an inspiration! I’m loving the website. So stylish and useful!

          Greetings from Mexico!

      2. Hey Bobby
        Got any style tips for a bedroom that dose not have much storage space?

      3. It’s such a great site, Bobby! Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Not that I would expect anything less, but the website is stunning. I’m so excited for all of the great content and features to come.
    It was definitely worth waiting for!!!

  5. So so so proud of you! Launching this must feel like a massive milestone in your career! So incredibly happy for you! Can’t wait for what’s to come! Best wishes!

    1. So much more to come, so be sure to check back regularly and sign up so that you don’t miss anything.

  6. This is so exciting! I can’t think of a better person this could be happening to! Much love from Ohio!


  7. So excited to see this! I loved some of your designs on QE – the 70’s house makeover was my favorite! I’m buying a house soon and this will come in very handy!

    1. We are going to be posting about a lot of the projects from the show so get ready for lots of BTS and inspiration.

  8. I’m moving soon and it’ll be my first time living on my own and having everything in the apartment be mine, so I’m excited to check out the ideas on your site. I love all your designs on Queer Eye!! You’re the best.

  9. Absolutely stunning Bobby. The wait for the reveal was well worth it. I’ll definitely be visiting this site often to get inspiration for projects.

  10. I just love your style, I’m very excited now that I won’t have to wait to see more of your designs. You are truly talented!!

  11. I am so excited for this!! I love the designs you do on Queer Eye and I love your style!

  12. Dearest Bobby… You inspire me so much. Your view on things makes your design beyond amazing. I really hope to own one design item of you one day…

    I love you! You matter. You are loved. I sound like Karamo now lol.

  13. Congrats on this new chapter Bobby! I can’t wait to see what this brings. I love house design and my mum and I are currently working on our living room so your site hopefully will help.
    Love you! And have a great day!

    1. Sending love right back your way Crystal

  14. I’m so excited! Can you do stuff like tips on redesigning a kids bedroom into a teen room?

  15. This is the big surprise!!! Omg I’m so happy!! I love your work so I’m super happy to see it on a website. I really hope your business flourishes even more!! ???

    1. Thank you so much Sameena. Keep coming back for lots more 🙂

  16. This site is beautiful. I’m signed up to the newsletter and am looking forward to what will come!

    Bobby you are fab!


    1. Yay! Thank you so much for your support. We will be putting up new content frequently. Hope you enjoy

  17. Hi Bobby! I’m so excited for your new site and can’t wait to see what you do with it. I hope you’re able to see this or your team can pass it along to you. I know you probably get a lot messages like this but I just want to say thank you for Queer Eye. It’s done so much for me personally that I can’t even explain. I’m the only gay person in my friend group and before QE, I was a little insecure about taking care of myself and owning who I am and after the show premiered, it really gave me the confidence to love myself and live my truth. I hope that one day I can have the honor of finally meeting you (and the rest of the Fab 5) in person so I can just express my gratitude in person.

  18. Go talented gorgeous Bobby? You are so wonderful and smart!?

  19. Congratulations Bobby! This is beyond exciting. Not only obsessed with Queer Eye but also all things home and interior. What a perfect place on the internet!

    I do hope (suggest?) that you can feature real homes of different styles and sizes. I’m always looking for ideas that are not just out-of-this-world gorgeous but also attainable.

    I can’t wait for more things to come!

    1. We will be featuring a little bit of everything. All different price points, styles, and rooms. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss a post.

  20. My daughter and I have binged all 3 seasons and are ready for more. We both love and get inspired by your designs. We have many notes and plans for a new house and her “mini” house, thanks for the inspirations and keep them coming!

  21. YASSSSS!!!! I love this and all the designs you have done, you are a kick-ass designer and awesome human being!!!!

  22. This is amazing! I’ve been so obsessed with all of your designs on QE, especially in season 3. Never cared for greens or indoor plants but I headed straight for West Elm after binging the show this weekend in hopes of buying everything you used. This site is amazing and looking forward to see what’s next!

  23. Congratulations Bobby- all the way from Australia! Love watching the work that you do with the Fab5 and the direction of your business. From one business owner to another, keep up the fantastic work and looking forward to seeing more! Very inspiring xx

  24. The site is beautiful! It’s so exciting to see the great things that you are doing for others (I watched the first 3 episodes tonight). This is those good vibes in return. Best of luck with the launch!

  25. Congrats Bobby! Thank you for being such an inspiration not only through QE but also your designs. I am so excited for your new content! Hopefully, I can incorporate some of the pieces in my home. Love from Toronto!

  26. I’m so proud of you Bobby! Can’t wait to see what the future has in stock for you. Sending lots of love and positivity your way from Denmark

  27. So excited for this website! You’re such an inspiration <3

  28. I like the show – and your design is always the highlight of each episode. I wished there would be more chances to see your work. So here you are! I am excited that you get to launch this website to show us more of you 🙂
    Keep up with the good work Bobby!

  29. So happy for you! To watch you evolve and grow in your life fills my heart with so much joy!
    You all have changed my life at my 65 years “ young”!
    Can’t wait to enjoy what more you want to share with the world that loves you! Always so proud of you!

    1. Nancy, thank you so much for the kind words and visiting the new site. We are glad you are here and can’t wait to show you what we are up to.

  30. Hardest working member of the Fab 5 ! Congrats

  31. Congratulations. I’m excited and loving what I’m seeing.
    Will you be exporting worldwide.
    All the very best. Love your work.
    Ange xxx

  32. OMG just the first look at the website tells me that I’mma be visiting here all the time. Bobby, what you do is no easy task, and whenever I think you’ve peaked you seem to outdo yourself yet again. LOVE YOU in QE(and the rest of y’all queens!), and I can’t wait to get more of you, both here and there.

  33. Love you and your talent! Thank you for being YOU!

  34. Congratulations Bobby, you deserve this and so much more! We’ll be supporting you wherever you go!

  35. Congratulations!!! Great site ! And you are awesome! Greetings from Mexico 🙂

    1. Hola! Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again very soon – we have lots of new content coming up.

  36. Dear Bobby and staff,
    Congratulations on this new endeavor.
    You have such a realness about you on QE and in interviews . This authenticity shines through in your designs and I’m sure it will here .
    Thanks for being you.
    You are brave and amazing.
    Peace and knowyour loved

  37. Just reviewed your site – in a word – elegant! I’m a fan!

  38. What I am so excited about is that finally there are great role models that are gay. You and your team are so inspiring and real. This country needs so desperately people like you. Proud to be on your team. You made me believe there is a corner in heaven for me.

  39. I love how your designs are beautiful but accessible. So many times you see design layouts that, while visually pleasing, seem to have no place in a functioning household. Thanks for the inspiration.

  40. Can’t wait! Congrats Bobby and team!

  41. We love Bobby because he sincerely speaks his truth inspiring us to do the same AND creates beautiful spaces people feel comfortable & (finally) alive in. Design AND lifestyle – Yes! Love & much success to Bobby & his talented Team. XoxO from CO.

  42. Congrats on your new platform, Bobby! I’ve been watching the revamped QE since S1 and your part is my absolute favorite. You have impeccable taste, but what I most love about it is how you infuse your designs with the heroes’ personality. I always believe that no matter how chaotic the world outside may get, having a home that is reflective of your genuine self can be always be source of inner calm. And that’s very important. Excited to see more from you & your team! xoxo

  43. I’ve only been watching Queer Eye for a couple of days now (only somewhat ashamed to say I’m already in season 2 #sorrynotsorry) and I had zero idea what to expect when I started but I’ve already learnt so much from all of you – especially you Bobby. I’ve been interested in Interior design as a passion for a long time now but have no practical knowledge or experience and in just the few episodes I’ve seen, you’ve taught me so much and I’m super happy to have come across this page because you’ve given me the itch to learn more and maybe develop enough knowledge to break in to the industry myself for real! :$ You’re fantastic – keep doing what you’re doing!

  44. Love the Fab5. Love QE. Obsessed with the way I feel from watching each episode. We need so much more of this. Each one of you brings a wonderful vibe the the show. I’m so excited to see the authenticity, vision, and aesthetic that this’ll you will bring. Congrats and thank you.

  45. Bobby! I love your site so far! I have to say… seeing your work on QE has ignited an interest in interior design within me! How your able to transform spaces is so refreshing and makes me want to create better spaces too! Congrats, Amanda

  46. I love your design style, and I’m so excited that there’s now a platform for me to stay up to date with new design and lifestyle trends! I aspire to be an interior designer within the next few years (will be going to school for it), and hope one day to be able to build my own successful business like you have! Congratulations, Bobby!!

  47. LOVE IT!!!! Huge fan of your work [and you!]. xx

  48. I love the clean lines and sense of space. All so dreamy and can’t wait to see what this road looks like. Love your style.

  49. My wife and I love your designs and we’re so glad we can now find them in one place. Congrats on the new venture! We’ll be shopping here often.

  50. Love you, love the site even if you recommend $78 candles (come on, man). Would like to recommend that you check in with an accessibility expert for your website. The design is gorgeous, but the font is too fine and there are some serious color contrast issues that present problems for anyone with vision issues like basic presbyopia. Translation, you will lose readers with eyes over 40, and leave money on the table. I want you to succeed, please look into 508 compliance. Accessible design is good design!

  51. Hello Bobby,

    I ended up here because you are inspirational in the series “Queer Eye” that my bestfriend been pushing it to me to watch it with him. We were always wowed by your interior designs. Keep it up as we will be following your journey. Wish you all the luck and all the best. THANKS FOR CREATING THE WEBSITE!!!

  52. So happy this platform exists! Looking forward to learning new and fabulous things!!

  53. Omgosh Bobby, Congratulations on this new endeavour!! I am so excited to see where this journey leads you. I will be following from afar! Love you x

  54. I have loved visiting your Instagram for design ideas for my home and am now super excited for the launch of your new site. It looks beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  55. Bobby! My husband and I love seeing your work on QE and are such big fans. I’m currently serving in the military but I am very interested in interior design and would love to know how you got started/gained experience. My mom was an art teacher and I have always loved problem solving. Seeing your creativity and sense of design help change people’s lives has been an inspiration. I can’t wait to explore this site more!


  56. Bobby Berk!! You are amazing!! I saw you for the first time on Queer Eye and fell in love with you and the boys! What you guys are doing is so far beyond a tv show. If only you could reach everyone in America we would all be in a better place! Which is why I am SO pumped to have found this website! I just moved from Texas to California and am decorating my home and I have found that – I am TERRIBLE at envisioning a space and making it happen! So, how awesome that I can peer into your mind and get some good tips! Woo-hoo! So proud for you! I hope your website is every success you are hoping for and more!
    Love to you!
    -Lauren Deck

  57. Hello Bobby,

    As a gay, cis, white, male former Episcopalian turned Neo-Pagan (and sometime Unitarian Universalist), I find your complex relationship with your spirituality and religious expression to be one of the more interesting aspects of Queer Eye — and I’m hoping that some air time or articles to building / designing a space to connect with the Divine are in the future.

    After reading the article about the pantry ( ) I’m dying to see how you would design a personal library… especially for those of us who are bibliophiles (Remember The Library at Alexandria!) married to Marie Kondo iconoclasts (This House Isn’t Clean Until It’s Empty).

    Thanks for what you do!

  58. As I’m embarking on my quest to learn more about design, I’m BEYOND thrilled to use this website as a means to educate myself on different personal styles. It would be an understatement, Bobby, to say that you’re an inspiration, thus I applaud you for harboring such a beautiful platform such as this. I cannot wait to see more! Xx

  59. Bobby, I am so excited that you are sharing your amazing gift! I stated watching the show a week ago and watched every episode in all three seasons in 4 days. It was truly inspiring and helped me with some great design ideas for my home. Thank you so much for the awesome ideas along with the beautiful stories! Your new fan, Kim

  60. I was hoping this day would come !! I am so into interior design and your style is what I want to get inspired from. This platform will help me so much decorate my apartment in Amsterdam next year !! Congratulations on the launching of this delightful website

  61. I really enjoy your work on QE. You have one of the best jobs on the show- and I look forward to visiting more of your site. Not only is your design expertise amazing, you have such a heartfelt story and personality. During an episode of QE (God bless Gay) I cried because of your story. It was heartbreaking to know that this happens a lot and you were a victim of it. Congratulations on the site, and I wish you luck!

  62. My 15-year-old daughter LOVE all of you on QE! Thank you for always being the kindest, most thoughtful people on TV. Thank you for the love and care you show everyone. Congratulations on your new adventure – the site is beautiful! I am inspired by you every time I watch QE and now I can tap into your brilliance on a regular basis.

  63. My 15-year-old daughter and I LOVE all of you on QE! Thank you for always being the kindest, most thoughtful people on TV. Thank you for the love and care you show everyone. Congratulations on your new adventure – the site is beautiful! I am inspired by you every time I watch QE and now I can tap into your brilliance on a regular basis.

  64. Dear Bobby,

    Wow! Your new site is stunning and I’m so thrilled for you. I’m an avid QE fan and follower on your IG. I look forward to using your site as an tool of inspiration as I plan my remodel for my Boston condo.
    Congrats, you have so much to be proud of.


  65. Hello Bobby,
    Recently, I have been watching all of the Q-Eye shows and some for the first time.. Congratulations on the website and moving forward. I wanted to tell you how much I admire your work on the show and you have inspired me to work on my home. You take care and thank you for all the inspirations you have given me.. Thank you for your time and I wish the absolute best to you and the Fabulous Five in your future shows.

  66. I am SO happy to have found this site! My husband and I are buying our first house and have been trying to plan a design for the master bedroom. However, we have polar opposite styles so it is proving to be quite challenging. I keep saying, “I need Bobby Berk!” He has a magical way of finding the happy medium between peoples’ styles! I look forward to perusing this site and your Pinterest for inspiration. I love your work and the work of all the Fab Five! Thank you for creating this site!

  67. Oh this such an inspiring website! Really can’t wait for more posts and to learn even more from you, your work is beautiful! Also really need to finish my website too 🙂 xx

  68. Congratulations on your new website! We have been following you through the new Queer eye series on Netflix and it has been really inspiring and entertaining. Especially since you guys came to Lawrence, the place where we live. There’s definitely a heightened sense of connection when watching you guys explore Kansas. I hope to learn more about creating a better space for me and my family through your website. Especially since we just bought our first home! Thanks for creating this Bobby.

  69. Please help my teacher get on QE! Love ya! ❤️

  70. I am a very critical person…. but i must say i cant find anything to criticise…. you are the ‘one’ ! I want to be you ! I am in finance , been there all my life ….(i’m 45+ lady)… after seeing you and what you do and how you do it, i want to quit and start leatning fast to try and become as good as you ! help ?…. grateful if you can become a mentor too !

  71. Hi Bobby!

    Love watching you and the boys on QE! You are amazing and a huge role model. My teacher really wants to be on QE, because she is struggling. Could you give her a shot?

    Caroline ❤️

  72. I’ve been watching Bobby on Queer Eye for the 3 seasons it on, and I am so impressed with how he takes the time to talk to the people he is designing for. He always comes across as real, genuine, and understanding. It’s such an amazing thing to see. And the designs he does for them are just beautiful, while still being functional and welcoming.

    Keep it up!

  73. Man I love people like you, I really do. Hope you get alllll of the success you want and more because I think you deserve it. Keep it up, I’m definitely watching. Love from SA. Xx

  74. Thank you ever so for you blog. Want more.

  75. Thank you Bobby for all the inspiration ! I’m a kitchen designer from France and I absolutly LOVE your designs, especially the makeovers from Queer eye… I love the way you adapt your work to the people’s personnalities and way of life and give them a home that help them be themselves and just be happy with it, that’s what this job is about ! Can’t wait too see more of your work ! 🙂

  76. Omg booby you are awesome. Love you so so so much. And your stile is amazing. You are inspirational and make my day. What can I as a young openly bi kid in today’s generation do to help the lgbtq+ community? Love to here from you.?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and glad I could be an inspiration! There’s lots of great organizations you can get involved with to help make a difference, like Trevor Project or the Human Rights Campaign.

  77. Hey y’all. My name is Lanette and I’ve become a fan of the Fab 5! If you looked at my email address, you will see that I am a Christian. I too, grew up in the Assembly of God organization and let me say, I love the Lord, but I do not like all the judgemental hypocracy that comes along with the people in it. I just wanted to say, I love you. I don’t pass any judgements on you. I myself, am far from perfect. The bible says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I can’t stand and judge and not be committing a sin. I just wanted to tell you not to judge the church or God by the people in it. Not every Christian is a fake. I heard your story and watched the episode where u stood outside the church and it broke my heart in a million pieces. No one deserves to be treated as an outcast. However, if u think about it seriously, Jesus himself was an outcast. So, to sum up this emails purpose, you are loved, you are accepted, and you have a purpose. Only God can judge you sir. God does not discriminate and neither do I. ❤

  78. Most likely not the place, but here’s the deal
    My daughter is turning 19 this week, she is struggling in ALL the ways, gay, weight, future, Covid…she is the best person but is pretty lost.
    For her bday, she asked for us to “go Bobby on her basement” (she lives in our basement)…not asking for anything financial..happy to fund this. If Bobby has 10 minutes to jump on a FaceTime this Sat at her party (2-6 cst) , that would make a happy Sydney. I can be reached at or 651-884-2110. Thanks for your time

    1. Please wish you daughter a very happy birthday from me! I’ve been through lots of tough times in my life, but just know that things do get better. Much love! xx -B

  79. Dear Mr. Berk,
    I am writing this to you because you are a big role model for me.
    I grew up in a very insular cult-like sect of judaism known as Hareidim/Hasidim. (If you have watched the Netflix show Unorthodox, my life was very similar to that).
    I came out as gay when I was sixteen. I practically have not spoken to my family since then. I have five siblings and unfortunately I have not spoken to them either. Specifically my brother recently turned five and the last time I saw him he was three years old. He by now has no doubt forgotten me.
    I desperately miss my mother. I miss feeling loved and having a family.
    I have been homeless since that fateful day. I rely on the kindness of others for survival. I so deeply want to make something of myself. It is hard knowing that I must be a burden on others in order to live.
    My dream is to work the land with a wife and children on a farm of my own. I am also a recluse armchair philosopher and love french existentialism.
    Your story, you in your entity, is an inspiration to me. You came from a background of nonacceptance and have become on of the most celebrated gay men in this country.
    You have made something of yourself and I too dream for that.
    Thank you for being unapologetically you.
    Tilly Muller