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A Sunnier Shade: How To Add The Color Of The Year To Your Space

Design: Old Brand New

Whether mustard or canary, lemon or buttery gold – yellow is a color that always makes an impression. And this year, it’s also a shade that’s trending (for all the right reasons). Which means now is the time to bring this sunny shade into your space.

The Pantone color of the year for 2021 is a luminous shade of yellow called ‘Inspiring’. And as its name suggests, it certainly has us – and plenty of other designers – feeling inspired. Yellow is a color that can evoke a sunrise, a bright start, or a positive outlook – so it feels fitting after all the challenges of 2020, that we embrace a color for our homes that is uplifting, energizing, and even joyful! And if you’re not quite ready to embrace a fully yellow room, well don’t worry. There’s plenty of more subtle solutions to bring in a bit of sunshine – and we’re sharing all of them!


Keep scrolling to see all the easy and affordable ways you can add yellow to your home (starting at just $4!)


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Photo: Laure Joliet
Design: Reath Design

Colorblock Lumbar Pillow

Your sofa (and maybe even your day) would be a lot sunnier with the addition of this pom-pom pillow.


BUY HERE for $20

Yellow Ceramic Table Lamp

Start your day on a bright note by waking up to this luminous lamp on your nightstand. (You won’t even think about hitting snooze on your alarm, promise!)



BUY HERE for $100

Velvet Armchair

A luxe velvet armchair will light up your living room, and looks smashing against darker tones, like navy, green, and grey.



BUY HERE for $250

Sunset Yellow Vase

Some fresh flowers in this bright little bud vase is the antidote to the winter blues. (A hot cup of cocoa might help too.)


BUY HERE for $28

Art Print

Yellow is, above all, a vibrant and fun color. So add this abstract art print anywhere you want to imbibe with a playful punch.


BUY HERE for $23

Velvet Square Arm Sofa

For a more sophisticated take on this tone, go for this rich golden sofa. Clean lines and classic velvet means it will stay stylish – even as other trends come and go.


BUY HERE for $630

Fields of Gold Paint

If you’re ready to embrace the bright side and get painting, might we suggest this shade? It’s got a warmth and depth that’s ideal for everything from a farmhouse kitchen to a more eclectic dining room – and won’t be so bright you’ll need sunglasses.


BUY HERE for $11

Yellow Pillar Candle

Not everything that’s yellow has to make a BOLD statement. A simple sculptural candle is a way to introduce color – without shouting it.



BUY HERE for $4

2 Door Accent Cabinet

It’s a universal fact that kids love color. So infuse some fun into a kid’s bedroom on play area with sunny storage that they’ll love – and will also keep their clutter behind closed doors.


BUY HERE for $200

Gold Stripe Pattern Sheet Set

Give your bed a bit of pop with a fun striped sheet set. While we can’t guarantee you’ll sleep better, you’ll certainly wake up on the bright side of the bed.


BUY HERE for $22




Lemons Peel & Stick Wallpaper

When life gives you lemons – make a whimsical wallpaper! Your room will certainly feel sweeter when it’s lined with this easy peel and stick pattern.


BUY HERE for $40



Striped Yellow Pillow

For a more graphic take, this black and yellow stripe pillow will make your bed buzzworthy, and add a bright touch.


BUY HERE for $12

Linen Yellow Pot Holder

Your eggs won’t be the only thing sunny side up once you add this potholder. Plus it’s practical – and that’s no yolk.


BUY HERE for $8



Mustard Wall Clock

Add this wall clock to a kitchen or office, and it will always be a bright time of day.


BUY HERE for $32



Yellow Shag Rug 

A yellow rug can even make your floors a bit more fun. This mellow yellow option is great for living rooms where a soft shag will feel great underfoot.


BUY HERE for $119


Let us know your favorites, and how you’re planning to add yellow to your home in the comments below!

  1. Hi I love your style & ideas! & love every thing you do in queer eye.
    I’ve got an old Victorian house in the uk of which we have just done a complete refurbishment it’s just the interior & finishing touches – could do with your assistance? & colours. & textures?

    1. Thank you Lyn! For a Victorian home, you could go in a lot of color directions. I would recommend sticking to 2-3 colors at most and start with your larger pieces (sofa, rug, bed, etc.) Best of luck to you. xx- B