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Affordable Art Upgrade: 84 Options for Every Style (All Under $200)

Finding art you like can be a lot like trying to decide on a TV show to watch – there’s a million different options out there, and sometimes it’s a challenge just deciding on something. (TBH though, we’re usually watching Queer Eye Season 5) 

From photography to painting, prints to posters, or drawings to 3-D art, there’s endless options to chose from (and just as many sources to shop from.) So where do you start?

If you’re struggling to figure out where to even begin, try narrowing down what colors and types of art you’re drawn to. Do you gravitate towards neutral or bold colors? Do you tend to like landscapes more than modern art? Once you figure this out, you’ll have an idea of what to focus on and start to look for. And while some art can be truly cost a fortune, we’ve found plenty of options that are easy on the eyes and the wallet. Whether you’re a fan of photography or an abstract enthusiast, we’ve found budget pieces that will work for you.


Keep scrolling to see 84 options for abstract art (colorful and B&W), photography, natural art, posters, 3-D, and fiber art, as well as options that can be printed right from home. We’ve included a mix of sizes, along with both framed and unframed pieces. And best of all, everything is under $200, so it’s easier than ever to get your art collection started!


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Bright abstract art might not be for everyone, but it can make a huge impact on a space and create a ton of visual interest. We’ve compiled options in various sizes, including large pieces and smaller sizes if you’re just looking for something more subtle.



Abstract pieces with a larger scale will feel less “busy” in a space, regardless or what size the art is.

Design: Tine Daring

ABSTRACT ART- Black & White


Black and White abstract art is truly the most versatile – it can work with almost all spaces and styles. Whether it’s a large canvas or a smaller graphic piece, it can add a unique element to a space. These 12 options can also pair well with one another and other more colorful pieces of art.



For a gallery wall, use 2 or 3 larger B&W pieces of art as the anchors. You can then add in more colorful work around it, and the wall won’t be too visually overwhelming.

Design: Consuelo Jorge



Photography is a great way to bring a specific piece of the world to your space, whether it be something personal or an object or place. Subjects are as wide ranging as the world itself, but for our roundup, we focused primarily on nature and architecture. There are large scale pieces (#4) that will be major focal points and a number of prints that come in a number of sizes.



Steer clear of extremely obvious and widely photographed subjects (think the Eiffel Tower or Grand Canyon) to give your home a more unique point of view.

Nature ART


We’ve previously posted on How to Bring Nature into Your Space, and adding art is definitely another great option.  Try a larger scale piece for a real pop or simple print for just a touch of the outdoors. For the options below, we focused on paintings, drawings, and prints of natural elements (for nature photography, see above).



Frame dried flowers or leaves that you’ve collected in a shadow box for a super personal piece of art.



Posters make take you back to pinning up a heartthrob on your bedroom walls, but there are so many sophisticated options that couldn’t be further from that. We’ve compiled options ranging from food to film to art to travel which are all reproductions of vintage posters. Whatever your interests may be, there is probably a beautiful poster out that that can bring your personality to your space.



Framing a poster in a simple thin black or wood frame will instantly elevate it to a work of art.

3-D & Fiber Art 


3-D Art (wall sculptures, hanging ceramic or metal pieces, and any art that has dimension to it) and Fiber art (wall tapestries, quilts, woven pieces) are great options for something different or to break up a group of framed pieces.



Think outside the frame! Lots of items can become art when mounted to the wall, like sculptural pieces of wood, woven baskets or vintage objects.

Printable ART 


Looking for a super affordable and DIY art option? Printable art could be the solution for you. All of the options shown below can be instantly downloaded and then printed to a number of sizes, making it a highly customizable way to go. Pieces can be printed at any local FedEx Office or pharmacy with a photo printing department.



Don’t want the added expense of getting your printed art custom framed? Purchase a frame at a standard size and frame yourself. It will only take you few minutes and save you a ton!


  1. These tips are helpful for those of us that like to make our own decor pieces as well. Thank you!

  2. I LOVE your site so much. Thank you for all of the price breakdowns and where to get each piece. It’s soooo helpful. If I have a question of advice regarding some art in my home and framing questions, is there someone on your team I can email and ask? Thank youuuuu.

  3. Great article! I learned about some New places to shop and loved the tips.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you were able to find some beautiful pieces for your home xx -B

  4. Bobby you are the best! Keep it up, you lift peoples’ spirits with your artistic brilliance.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Sending lots of love xx -B

    2. Bobby, you remind me so much of my cousin, you have such a beautiful soul and your talent is remarkable! Huge fan!

  5. Bobby,
    I am the author of “Linked”, one of the works you featured in the abstract section. That work is available at minted and in fact got there through their periodical art challenges. I am very grateful for @minted for the opportunities they bring to show my work and today a friend told me my work got featured here and I am really grateful for that too. Keep your grate work and thank you again.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Bethania! I’m happy to share your lovely work and hope to see more pieces in the future. xx -B

  6. Hi Bobby, I love the art you put up on the Queer Eye series! I especially like the three pieces you put up in Wanda’s living room in Season 4 (How Wanda Got Her Groove Back). Can you please tell me where you got them? Thank you! Kay