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Affordable Etsy Artists: 13 Original Pieces Of Unique Art (Starting At Just $20)

You might think owning an original piece of art is totally out of reach (and out of your budget). But it’s absolutely possible to start collecting one-of-a-kind works without spending a small fortune. And the best place to find affordable art is none other than our go-to source for all things handmade – Etsy.   


It should come as no surprise that Etsy is full of talented makers- and that includes artists working in just about every medium. And we’ve scoured the site in search of unique pieces without high price tags. Whether it’s a drawing, a block print, or an abstract piece, there are lots of works we fell in love with (and start at just $20). Yep, you can have original artwork for less than the cost of lunch. Plus, buying original works not only supports an artist but also gives you a totally unique way to decorate your walls (that you can’t go out and find in every store).


Keep scrolling to see 13 original paintings, prints, sculptures, and fiber art (all for under $100)


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Abstract Face Line Drawings // Julia Rose Muller

A collection of four funky figures will certainly put a smile on your face (and some whimsy on your wall).



BUY HERE for $55



Fiber Wall Art // Vita Boheme Studio

This fresh feeling fiber art is a contemporary twist on Mid-Century.



BUY HERE for $89



Cloud Giclee Print // Corinne Melanie Art

If you’ve got your head in the clouds, you’ll also want to add this gorgeous cloud print to your walls.



BUY HERE for $37






Block Print // Sean Thornhill Art

To add a lot of visual interest, get graphic with a bold block print.



BUY HERE for $29



Cut Paper Collage // Julia Rose Muller

Combining quirky shapes, this collage piece is a cut above the rest.



BUY HERE for $75




Landscape Painting Print // Courtney Mich Art 

A soothing landscape scene will bring a sense of calm to any corner of your home.



BUY HERE for $33



Plant Block Print // Living Pattern

Nature has never looked better than in this beautiful block print.



BUY HERE for $20





Cyanotype Botanical Art Print // Krista McCurdy Art

Brilliant shades of blue bring this cyanotype print to life.



BUY HERE for $28





Abstract Painting With Collage // Studio 392

For an elegant take on abstract, opt for this monochromatic mixed media work.



BUY HERE for $90





Fiber Tapestry // North Star Fiber Art

This textural tapestry makes a simple and striking wall hanging.


BUY HERE for $80





Line Drawing // Daash Art

Delicate line work comes together to create this daring drawing.


BUY HERE for $48





Ceramic Dove Sculpture // Mudrenko

A one of a kind ceramic sculpture is an easy organic modern addition.


BUY HERE for $86





Abstract Print // Com Art

Like a wisp of smoke, this abstract piece adds a subtle touch.


BUY HERE for $19