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Are You Doing Laundry The Wrong Way? The Case For Cold Water

It’s likely that from the very first load of laundry you ever did, you’ve followed this rule: Hot water for whites and cold water for colors. Water temperature was deemed an essential component for cleaning, and something that must be adhered to. 


But is that actually true and really the best way to do laundry?


You may want to break the rules – and fully embrace a cooler way to clean your clothes. 

Think you need hot water to get your whites whiter and sanitize sheets? Think again! Cold water washing can be just as effective for getting your items clean and has plenty of other benefits that will save you energy and money. So let us show you all the benefits of cold water washing – and teach you how to do laundry the right way.



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Washing Clothes In Cold Water

Yes, washing in cold water will still get all of your clothes clean. (In fact, most new washers are also specifically designed for cold water). In order to get the most out of cold water, you should also opt for a high-efficiency detergent made for cold water. These detergents have specific enzymes that work to break down stains. Concerned about whitening or getting out odors? You can still add bleach, or a laundry sanitizer to your cold water load as well.




The Benefits Of Cold Water

So why should you switch to exclusively cold water washing? Here are a few stand-out benefits that can sway you to switch to cold water.




  • it’s better for the environment

    Less heating of water means less carbon dioxide emitted.


  • it causes less wear and tear on fabrics

    Cold water is actually much more gentle on fabrics and will reduce shrinkage, minimize fading, keeps colors from transferring, and cause fewer wrinkles.


  • it will save you money

    You’ll even save money by using a lot less energy!



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