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Ask Bobby: Answering Your Design Questions On Maximizing Storage, Mixing Styles & WFH

Photo: Sara Tramp

Last week, we asked you to share your most pressing design questions. And you definitely delivered – with lots and lots of inquiries about your homes. So get ready for Bobby to bring you his professional advice. 

To kick things off, Bobby answers your questions about storage for a small space, mixing two opposing styles, and how to create an ideal spot to work for home.


Keep scrolling to read his best advice (and be sure to leave a comment if you have a question about your home).

Photo: Yamazaki

Q: How do you get more storage space in a place that doesn’t exactly have space? We don’t know where to start.



A: When your space doesn’t have actual storage, you really have to get creative to meet your needs. I suggest starting in the room where you have the most pressing storage needs, whether that’s the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. It’s then about adding solutions that will take advantage of underutilized space. If you don’t have enough cabinets, consider adding vertical shelving to maximize open wall space. A narrow rolling cart can also be tucked next to a fridge or vanity to stash lots of essentials. And don’t forget about under the bed – it’s a great place to store extra clothing, bedding, or anything you don’t have room for in your closet!

Q: What’s the best way to accommodate two different design aesthetics into one cohesive bedroom? My husband is overwhelmed by my need for color and pattern. I’m bored by his minimalism.



A: The key to creating a successful marriage of styles (and a successful marriage for that matter) is all about finding a balance. Look for pieces that have clean minimal lines but also incorporate some color. If you have furniture that has a more minimalist feel, you can then bring in a bit of color and pattern through accessories. A piece of art, a couple of pillows, or even your bedside lamps are all great options for bringing more of you in – without overwhelming your husband. Also, try sticking with patterns that aren’t super busy to make things feel a bit more relaxed.

Q: Now that WFH is a permanent staple in our lives, how can I transform my formal Living space into a home office without breaking the bank?


A: I suggest starting with the essentials: a desk and office chair. Look at your living room and see where they may be any extra room to accommodate a work area. If you don’t have a ton of space, a compact writing desk is a great option that can sit behind a sofa or tucked into a corner. Having a comfy desk chair is also important if you’re going to logging long hours, and there are plenty of well-priced options out there (see some of my favorites here). From there, you can accessorize with a task light, desktop storage, or any other affordable essentials you might need.




Stay tuned next week as Bobby will be answering a lot more of your design inquires!

  1. Hello, I am looking to purchase a bed to blend with my bedroom furniture. I would love to submit a photo of my bedroom furniture and ask Bobby if he would recommend some bedframe ideas. Is this possible? much thanks for your time!

  2. I’m obsessed with dark coloured decor, but how much is too much. I want to paint the hallway a deep green with Victorian mosaic flooring, then moving into the open plan lounge diner I want a deep blue but I worry if I paint my entire house in darks and whites it may be too much… is it ever to much?