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Bobby on a Budget: 3 Easy Home Office Setups (For Under $500)

Photo: Jake Curtis

Now that working from home is the new norm for many of us, having a proper space to actually work is essential. While the dining table may work as a makeshift desk, we get that that sort of setup doesn’t work for everyone. So we pulled together 3 very official office setups all coming in at under $500.

To help you get working, we’re sharing 3 home office setups that have everything you need to create a productive workspace, no matter your style (or square footage). From organic modern, to clean and colorful, to modern farmhouse, we’ve got the desks, chairs, lighting and accessories you need to create a workspace that’s as functional as it is stylish. And the best part is, each design comes in under $500, so you don’t have to spend a lot to make working from home a little bit easier. Only thing missing is you and the work that you need to get done.

Keep scrolling to see all the options and get ready to get to work.


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Photo: Jake Curtis


For an office area that’s equal parts minimal and organic, we paired a light wood desk (that also has drawers for storage) with a more modern upholstered desk chair with black metal accents. A black table lamp with linen shade brings in some texture, and a leather letter holder adds an earthy feel. A graphic piece of art with a modern touch helps complete this setup.



Graywashed Calder Desk With Drawers | Polyresin Wood Accent Lamp | Brown Faux Leather Grayson Letter Holder | Path of Life Framed Art | Conference Chair With Armrests 


Keeping things colorful and cheery, this workspace is sure to brighten up even the dullest of tasks. We paired a bamboo and white metal desk with a modern green office chair (complete with a round pillow to keep you comfy on long conference calls). A vibrant blue desk lamp, pink pencil cup, and brass wastebasket bring in even more color and shine. While an abstract piece of art ties all the colorful pieces together.



Metalla Waste Basket | Bamboo & Metal Desk | Blue Touch Table Lamp | Jon Pencil Cup | No.6 Abstract Landscape Print | Round Velvet Indigo/Lead Pillow | Svelti Aloe Office Chair

Design: Jute Home


Going a bit more rustic but still refined, this workspace has got modern farmhouse style to spare. A more traditional wood desk with drawers is paired with a modernized Windsor chair. (We love the contrast of the black chair with the  wood desk, but if you prefer a more comfortable office chair, this chair is a great alternative.) A black metal desk lamp feels both contemporary and classic, while a ceramic bud vase and metal wire wall basket round out the rustic vibes.



Carson Writing Desk | Augustus Desk Lamp | Hari Bud Vase in Distressed White Ceramic | Wall Mount Basket | Shay Chair


 ***A quick disclaimer. Although we measured everything to work together within these designs, every room and space is different, so before you purchase make sure that these pieces will work within your space. We hope these designs help you stay productive in style! And let us know how you’re making working from home work for you in the comments below.

  1. In your office photos, where is the beige file cabinet explained? Source?
    Phoebe Crane

    1. That space was designed by Ater Architect, so not sure where to get that exact piece. But here are a few other colorful options. Thanks for reading! -B

  2. The farmhouse look I need is the table with the arm – or maybe it was two tables…? Please let me know where to purchase THAT look – or ideas of how to copy it with wood. I’m having a heck of a time with just one table: I’m used to the extra arm to spread out my work and the lack of space is driving me nuts!

  3. Thanks Bobby, the ideas are simple and to the point. Extremely budget friendly with personality click!

    1. We always try to keep budgets in mind. Thanks for reading. -B

  4. Love, love, love!!! Beautiful spaces!!

  5. We love these practical home office solutions- Home design with function in mind!

    1. Gotta keep it functional. Thanks for reading! -B