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Bobby on a Budget: How To Add Interest With Color (And A Colorful Dining Room Design For $3500)

Photo: Anne Stroud
Design: Vanessa Hawes

There’s one surefire way to bring life to a room – with color!  But how exactly do you use color to make a statement without having to paint your walls? Well today we’re showing you how to infuse an all-white space with color and personality – and sharing a colorful dining room design with a high-end look (without the high price tag).

Using color can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got lots of ideas for incorporating color in bold (or more subtle) ways to give your white room a vibrant refresh. Today, we’re focusing on the dining room, and the best ways to easily add color through furniture, art, and accessories. We’re also sharing the best colorful dining room inspiration, along with a full dining room design (for under $3500) to make it even easier for you to bring this look to your home.

Keep scrolling to see our dining room design, the color tips you need (and all the shoppable product to make it a reality).


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Photo: Anson Smart
Design: Flack Studio

Slim Console Table | Medium Strøm Bowl | Cora Brass Modern Table Lamp | Large Germain Arch | Coral Ceramic Flower Vase | Calm Forest No. 20 Framed Art | Dracena Plant in Pot | Bridwell 16 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier | Door To Heaven Canvas Print | Tropical Geometry Canvas Print | Dakota Extending Dining Table | Raw Clay Bowl | Olympia Tall Pink Vase with Handles | Patine Peach Bud Vase | Velvet Upholstered Parsons ChairFlatweave Montauk Geert Casual Cotton Rug |


There are lots of ways to add color (with no paintbrush needed!) We utilized these tips when creating our colorful, budget-friendly dining room, and you can easily apply them to your space as well.


  • Keep The Table Neutral

    Using a table that is more simple lines and materials (like this light-wood version) will allow you more versatility to add in colorful chairs and accessories without things feeling too busy. Plus you can easily re-use the table if you want to change up the room later down the road.

  • Bring In Bold Art

    Art is one area you can definitely go bold and express your personality. We chose bold graphic pieces in bright shades for our design that would draw attention. For more visual impact, go with larger pieces, a pair, or a gallery grouping.

  • Try A Colorful Console

    A console will serve double duty as extra storage, and another opportunity to add in color. Our mint-colored version is a more subtle option, with a lamp, accessories, and art to tie it all together.

  • Add Accessories

    Vases, bowls and sculptural pieces are great ways to inject some vibrant shades onto your dining space. We went for pieces in shades of terracotta, teal, and peach with unique sculptural shapes.

  • Don’t Forget The Floor

    A bright patterned rug is another easy option for infusing color. (Try and indoor/ outdoor option for easy cleaning if you’re concerned about spills.)


Design: 2LG Studio

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