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Bobby on a Budget: Sculptural Modern Living Rooms (And How to Get The Look for $2,500)

Photo: Felix Forest

You’ve probably seen a room and thought “I love that style- but what is it and how can I afford it ?” Well, we’ve got answers! Today, we’re giving you all the info on sculptural modern style, and doing it with a budget (or 2) in mind…

So what exactly do we mean by sculptural modern? It’s all about pieces with curvy, organic lines and totem-like shapes that mimic sculptures. Think “chunky” furniture with wide channel upholstery and large, rounded corners.  Simple accessories are mixed with more graphic elements, like black metal and natural materials, like stone and wood. Lighting also takes on a sculptural quality, with ceramic table lamps and slender metal floor lamps.

This style is definitely having a moment- with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, lamps, bowls, mirrors and more all falling into the category. With a lot of high-end pieces with even higher price tags it can definitely be a challenge to incorporate this style on a budget. But lucky for you that’s one of the things we do best! So, we decided to create a new series called “Bobby on a Budget” where we design an entire room with a budget of 5k and then slash the price in half and give you an even more budget-friendly option.

We’re sharing lots of sculptural modern living room inspiration and two living room designs with all the product you need to get the look. Today, we’ve created designs at two different budgets ($5,000 and $2,500) to make it even easier for you to bring this style to your space (and not spend a fortune either.) Keep scrolling to see how we pulled it all off. Your living room, and your wallet will thank you.

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Design: CHROMA

We hit our budget right on the nose in this version, coming in at exactly $5000! Yep, not one penny more or one penny less. This design is anchored by a modern leather sofa with a pair of chunky shearling armchairs. These pieces ground the design and really emphasize the very sculptural vibe. The coffee table, side tables and lighting all echo that very curvy feel in their silhouettes.  A palette of black, tan, white, brown and earthy rust and terra cotta colors runs throughout. A woven ottoman and all the wood elements add a natural touch, and modern art and accessories along with graphic pillows and a  neutral rug bring the design together.


Small Metal Tray | Large Glass Vase | Tall Vase with Motif | Self PosterContemporary Print | Asymmetry Ceramic Table Lamp | Otto Pedestal Accent Table | Texada Sofa | Fulfilled Art Poster | Oval Wall Mirror | Metal Task Floor Lamp | Woven Geo Square Throw Pillow | Square Corduroy Throw Pillow | Diamond Throw Pillow | Throw Blanket | Black Wood Side Table | Shearling Armchair | Chevron Woven Area Rug | Round Wood Coffee TableJute Ottoman Pouf

Design: Simone Haag
Photo: Mark Roper
Design: Simone Haag

We got very close to our budget of $2500 for this version, coming in at a total of $2674. (We’ll try our best to stay under budget next time, we promise! We just had to include some of these great pieces and didn’t want to sacrifice the design!) We’ve swapped out the leather sofa for a velvet style with the same lines, and brought in a pair of rust-colored armchairs to achieve the same solid, grounded feel that. A leather pillow also brings in a hit of that material that we found in the first room design. The coffee and side tables are slightly different sculptural shapes than the first design, but still tell the same story. Organic feeling art, a woven basket, a neutral textured rug and natural accessories bring the earthy vibe. Black metal accents in the floor lamp and mirror offer contrast to those pieces.


Seagrass Basket | Small Metal Tray | Small Brown Wood Vase | Marble Pillar CandleAbstract Print | Abstract Print | Ceramic Table Lamp | Ivory Cement Side Table | Conrad Sofa | Rolemodel Poster | Oval Wall Mirror | Blackened Steel Floor Lamp | Diamond Throw PillowLumbar Throw Pillow Cover | Textured-Weave Pillow Cover | Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe ThrowBlack Side TableVelvet Armchair | Natural Handwoven Area Rug | Josef Cocktail Table

So, how did we do? Let us know if you have any questions below and we can’t wait to see how some of you bring this into your own home. A quick disclaimer. Although we measured everything to work together within these designs, every room and space is different so before you purchase make sure that these pieces will work within your space. Good luck.. what room and style do you want to see next?

Design: Ferm Living

  1. Yes, how refreshing to get the big design picture using budget minded elements to still put together a fabulous look! Love the concept!! Please keep more coming.

    1. Thanks so much! We’ve got more in this series coming soon.

  2. Hi Bobby,

    Love what you and your team have done with this sculptural modern look! Would love to see your take on industrial next as well. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much. We’ve got more in the works with this series!

  3. Thank you for showing design on a budget! Keep it coming….

  4. Great post, Bobby! With the demographics in my region, budget-friendly has to be a key player in my designs. I always blend in previously loved pieces to weave in a timeless story, to save money for my clients and do our part for the environment. Wouldn’t it be great fun to do a sculptural modern space with 100% recycled finds?

    1. Thanks for reading! Thats a great idea and we’ll keep it in mind.

  5. Love this! Any tips on the bench cushion in the lead-in image?

    1. Thanks so much. The bench cushion is a standard foam insert with cover. Here is a source for having one custom made.

  6. Hello! Revisiting an old post; any ideas for the gorgeous long tv console in the first image?

    1. That space was designed by Decus Interiors, so I don’t have the exact info on that piece. But you can find a great alternative option here. xx -B