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12 Of The Best Paint Colors (In Every Shade)

If you’ve ever painted a room (and gone through endless paint swatches and samples) you know the struggle of trying to find just the right color. And while there are a lot of factors that go into selecting a shade, there are certain paint colors that almost always look good. Consider them the go-to colors for a stylish space. And today, we’re sharing 12 that Bobby relies on – in every shade of the color spectrum.

From light to dark, warm to cool, these colors have the universal appeal that Bobby turns to again and again for design projects. So keep scrolling to see and shop all 12 of the go-to colors (along with a handy color wheel that shows you them all in one place).



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LIGHT BLUE- Mountain Pear

This pretty pale blue is ideal for cabinetry, as a soothing shade for the bedroom, or contrasted against dark wood tones.



DARK BLUE – Bold Blue

To add impact without being overly bright, we choose this rich blue tone for the kitchen at our Mid-Century Modernized project.




Design: Reath Design

DARK PURPLE – Kalamata

Equal parts robust and regal, try this purple paired with light wood for an unexpected accent.




LIGHT PURPLE – Midsummer Twilight

Straight out of a summer sunset, this lovely lilac color can transform a tiny bathroom or bring a bit of relaxation.




PINK – Pinky Beige

Pale pink isn’t just for kids’ rooms! This shade – used in our Modern Glam dining room– adds warmth while still feeling sophisticated.




RED – Bolero

If you really want to make a statement, here’s a fiery shade that’s full of energy (but won’t look like a fire engine).




DARK ORANGE – Orange Maple

Somewhere between red and orange, this shade will add so much warmth and whimsy to a dining room, kitchen, or as an accent on woodwork.




Photo: Sean Fennessy
Design: Chelsea Hing


This trendy terracotta tone can function as a neutral – while still bringing plenty of visual interest.




YELLOW – Fields Of Gold

Go for this gold when you want a whole lot of warmth (that won’t overwhelm).




Design: Reath Design

LIGHT YELLOW – Sunny Afternoon

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way – and this shade will certainly brighten up any space.




LIGHT GREEN – Piedmont

For a shade that feels fresh, pick this pretty pale shade that’s not your garden variety green.




DARK GREEN – Sussex Green

Whether in the bedroom, bath, or kitchen, you just can’t go wrong with this earthy yet elegant olive.