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Bobby’s 3 Tips For How To Refresh Your Space For Spring

Spring is in full swing, and that means the arrival of warmer weather, flowers in bloom – and a chance for you to spruce up your home. But a new season doesn’t mean you have to make new purchases. You can give your home a fresh new feel (without spending much at all) – and today Bobby is showing you how with 3 of his best tips for a Spring refresh!  

The secret to a fresh new feel for your home?  A few simple swaps and additions that anyone can do! And Bobby’s got all the details for outfitting your interiors for a brand new season – without making any big purchases.


Keep scrolling to see all the Spring refreshes you need to know-  and check out a video of Bobby breaking down all his best tips for Page Six Style.


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Add Some Greenery

Spring is all about nature coming to life. So take full advantage and bring your interior into full bloom! Add some cut fresh branches or flowers (that are growing just outside your door) and you’ll have a lovely accent that’s just a snip away.



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Watch Bobby share all his Spring refresh tips!


Swap Out Your Pillows & Throws

Colder weather means more cuddling on the couch – and plenty of chunky and cozy pieces. So as the temperatures climb, give your pillows and throws a warm-weather swap, with softer shades, warmer tones, and lighter weight fabrics. Opt for easy cotton and linen options that evoke the light and airy feel of the season, and your sofa or will be sitting pretty for Spring.


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Re-Arrange Your Art

Whether it’s an entry, over a fireplace, or above a console, you can use swap out your existing art with another piece for a totally new feel. Opt for pieces that are lighter in tone and uplift your mood (kind of like a sunny spring day). And if you don’t have any extra art to swap, you can always print new pieces and add them to an existing frame.



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And Try De-Cluttering

While you’re refreshing, it’s also the perfect time to also let go of items that may be adding to your clutter. Recycling old magazines that have piled up and mismatched takeout containers will help you clear out some space  – and make sure they don’t end up in a landfill. And any old, stained towels you have stored up can get a  second life when donated to a local animal shelter.


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  1. could you please provide a new link for throw pillow pairing ideas? i clicked on the link in this article, but most of the suggested pillows are no longer sold

    1. Thanks for letting me know. We will work on removing an replacing those items. In the meantime, you can shop all my favorite pillows here. xx- B