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Bobby’s Bookmarks: Mental Health Edition

Staying safe and healthy has been on everyone’s mind this year. And while we focus on physical health, your mental health is just as important. Since tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, we’re dedicating this week’s edition of Bobby’s Bookmarks to the resources, tips, and tools you can use to improve your emotional well-being – and provide help to others.

Today, we’re sharing a totally serene space in nature, foods that can improve your mood, and efforts to improve the interiors of health care facilities. We’re also highlighting our favorite mood-enhancing products of the week and mental health resources to live a happier and healthier life. 


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Improving The Interiors Of Mental Health Facilities

We’ve all been in doctor’s offices that were seriously lacking in the design department. But improving the interiors of mental health facilities can have a direct impact on how patients feel and contribute to healing. And since only 41% of Americans with a mental illness receive treatment, it’s essential to create facilities that are welcoming and comfortable. Click here to read more about the 4 ways design can improve mental health spaces.



Our Favorite Products To Help Improve Your Mood

Scent and touch can have a powerful calming effect on our minds. So when looking to improve your mental state, seek out products with the right feel and smell. Start your day with a body wash infused with peppermint to bring an uplifting vibe. Light a calming soy wax candle to help ease your mind, or take a whiff of a mood stick, filled with essential oils, to enter a relaxed mental state. And to escape from the pressures of life, comfort yourself in a weighted blanket and leave your cares behind.


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Uncluttered Home, Uncluttered Mind

A clean and serene space is the ideal backdrop for focusing on self-care. And this simple and uncluttered home is just that. Designed as a guest house for his extended family, architect Greg Dutton of Midland created a whitewashed space that feels like a deep exhale. The simple interiors create a deep sense of calm, simply allowing you to take in the tranquil scenes of nature outside.


To learn more about how your home is connected to your mental health, check out our post 5 Ways Your Home Can Make You Feel Better


Foods To Improve Your Feelings

They say you are what you eat, but did you know your food can also affect your feelings? Certain foods are full of vitamins (Like B, D & Omega 3s) that will fight mood swings and keep depression at bay. Click here to learn all about the dishes you should (and shouldn’t) be dining on to keep you mentally strong.

Mental Health Resources To Help You 

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, be assured that help is out there. Here are a number of resources to find a mental health provider, get treatment, and learn more about steps you can take towards a happier and healthier life.


National Institute For Mental Health
Resources and hotline numbers for help in a crisis, along with information on finding a mental health provider, and learning more about mental illness.


A list of mental health disorder symptoms, ways to get help, non-profit organizations, and local support groups.


Anxiety & Depression Association of America
A non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD.


National Alliance On Mental Illness
A mental health organization with resources for support, advocacy, education and ways to get involved, with specific content for World Mental Health Day