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Bobby’s Bookmarks: Our Favorites That We’ve Been Bookmarking This Week

Design: Roman Plyus

Another week is coming to an end is here, and that means it’s time to round up all the interiors that have inspired, spaces that made us swoon, and crowd pleasing products. So if you’re ready for something exciting, check out the best bookmarks we simply had to share.

There’s lots of things we’re feeling passionate about this week, including an instagramable bar in Budapest, a playfully designed home down under, a very cool co-working space, a shop-able mid-century home, and great deals on luggage, lighting and a linen sofa.

Ready to share the love? Scroll down for the best of our bookmarks for this week, and to shop all our favorite products too. And if you want even more inspiration, click through here to follow us on Pinterest to see everything we’re currently loving.

Design: Roman Plyus

Burgundy in Budapest

With patterned tile, ecclectic furnishings and one funky fireplace, this Budapest, Hungary bar has lots of moments that would look great on Instagram – and that’s exactly what was intended. Designer Roman Plyus specifically created details that would look good for the app (including a sculpture by the artist Kaws for patrons to pose with at the entrance). Even if you’re not planning on posting anything, the bar is a cozy and very cool spot, with details we predict you’ll be seeing on your feed very soon.


Tasteful Tissues 

Most tissue boxes are, to put it nicely, not the most attractive looking. So to give yours a boost of style, try this linen cover that easily slides over the box. Available in black and white, as well as a rectangular and square shape, it’s the perfect way to elevate an everyday item with a timeless material that will always look good.


A Light Balance

We love the modern and sculptural quality of this globe lamp. With a black metal base and a globe placed off center (to appear to be balancing), it will bring visual interest to any bookshelf, nightstand or tabletop that needs a little illumination.  And the best part- it’s a budget friendly $40.


Playfully Designed 

With ultra modern furnishings and a kaleidoscope of colors, Australian designer Therese Carrodus  took and 1880s Victorian in Melbourne and crafted a modern and perfectly playful home. Contrasting the home’s period details, she added multiple species of marble, blue glazed tile and a bedroom in a moody shade of mauve. It was designed as a forever home, and we’d be happy to stay there that long!

An Open Story 

Travel just got a little more stylish thanks to our friends at Target. Their new line, called Open Story, features suitcases, bags, backpacks, and accessories all crafted in durable and travel friendly materials. The pieces also come in a range of trendy colors, like rust, sage and lilac (in addition to classic black). So get ready to get packing!


Cute In Clay 

Want to add a little bit of earthiness to your abode? This carafe shaped clay vase will do the trick. Made from a glazed, semi matted ceramic, the terra cotta color feels very off the moment, and will pair perfectly with dried flowers or a bunch of fresh blooms. And according to Feng Shui, earthy objects like this vase can bring balance and stability to a space- not a bad deal for just $24!

Design: Saransh

Peak Of Teak  

In this studio apartment, lots of teak paneling, grey lime paster and concrete combine to create an industrial space that still has plenty of warmth. Designed by architecture studio Sāransh, the Ahmedabad, India home features an open floor plan with separate zones, including a built-in low dining table and raised teak platform for lounging. The result is a minimal and relaxing escape from the chaos of the city.


Linen For Less

For big style in a smaller space, you can’t beat this mid-century inspired sofa. Upholstered in 9 different linen colors, it also folds flat to function as a bed for any overnight guests. And here’s the best part- it’s just $300!


One Perfect Casa

What’s the ideal location for a modern furniture and accessories showroom? A 1970s home, of course.  The Future Perfect recently opened their newest location, called Casa Perfect, in a hilltop Beverly Hills abode thats full of details from that decade (like pink carpet) that pair perfectly with the bright and ecclectic items for sale. It’s a shopping experience that will really make you feel at home.

Photo: Tory Williams
Design: The Wing

Spreading The Wing 

The Wing, a co-working space for women, has just opened its newest location in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The space is full of soft, soothing shades and ecclectic furnishings, with a variety of inspiring spaces to get work done (not to mention a coffee bar, daycare and tricked out bathrooms). The new Wing is definitely ready to fly.


Mixing Marble 

We love a god serving piece, especially when it involves marble and brass. This bowl and tray set is the best of both, with a pair of grey and brown marble bowls that nest in a brass tray. It would make a chic addition to your dining table, and would also make a great piece for serving the toppings for your jackfruit tacos too!


Simple and Shingled

This Australian home feels like the ideal mix of cozy and comfortable with touches of minimal and modern. With a facade thats wrapped in shingles and an interior with floor to ceiling wood paneling, it’s also got plenty of warmth and natural touches. While clean lined furniture and a sleek white bathroom bring the contemporary. It’s a home thats got it all. (Now when can we visit?)