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Bobby’s Bookmarks: Our Favorites That We’ve Been Bookmarking This Week

Another week has come and gone (and we hope you enjoyed this week’s reveal of our newest Bobby Berk design project Neutral and Natural). As always, we’re back to wrap things up with the best bookmarks of the week. So sit back and check out these inspiring spaces, places, and products for yourself.  

This week, we’re sharing a designer’s family brownstone in New York that’s the perfect place to stay put. We’ve also got lots of shoppable products to help you find some self-reflection, and give your space (and yourself) a spruce up for Spring. We’ve also got Bobby’s latest interviews, where he talks cleaning, spills the dirt on messy spaces, and life lessons he’s learned along the way, along with Bobby Berk digital backgrounds to liven up your zoom calls!


Scroll down to see everything we’re sharing this week. And if you need a little more inspiration, click here to follow us on Pinterest to see everything we’re currently loving.

New York, New Home

Designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent know a thing or two about designing a home – especially when it comes to their own. The pair recently relocated back to NYC after designing their last home in Los Angeles just 2 years ago. And it’s no surprise that this space is just as inspiring. Filled with a mix of antiques, warm wood tones and lots of stunning materials, it feels like the perfectly polished space to stay put for a while. (Which we’ll all be doing for now!)

Our Favorite Gold Flatware

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can really brighten things up. And when it comes to your home, it doesn’t take much to make small impacts. To liven things up at dinnertime, try some new silverware. This modern gold set will add some serious sparkle to your place settings. And to bring a little bit of life indoors, grab this simple, striped planter and fill with your favorite houseplant. A little greenery can go a long way towards lifting your mood.

Photo: Reveal
Design: Laura Breiling

Bobby Has Been In The Press…

Between live streaming workouts and hosting conversations on his Instagram, Bobby’s also been keeping busy talking about cleaning, WFH, and how to “fail upwards”. Click here to read all about Bobby’s favorite ways to keep things tidy (and his favorite cleaning products) for the Glamour magazine series Clean Freak. Check out this article from Drew + Jonathan Revel to read about Bobby’s journey from his first job, to first firing, and all the lessons he’s learned along the way. And Bobby (along with our Creative Director Brady) share how they work from home here in this article by Dwell.


Step Into Spring with These Sandals

With the weather warming up, it’s time to trade in your winter footwear for something more seasonally appropriate. These sandals, which come in 5 different colors, are perfect for kicking back on a Spring day (even if it’s just in your apartment). And the classic styling and leather straps mean these babies will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.


Want To Work From Bobby’s Home Office?

While we can’t re-do your actual space (sorry!), we can help you change up your digital space. We’re sharing 6 custom Bobby Berk backgrounds that are perfect for changing the surroundings of your next digital meeting. From 3 backgrounds from Bobby’s Wallpaper Line for Tempaper to Bobby’s Home Office, we’ve got playful, professional and everything in between. Click here to download all the backgrounds and add some pizzazz to your next zoom call.

5 Minute Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

There’s no time like the present (truly) to start putting your thoughts on paper. So while at home, why not take the time to start a daily journaling practice? This 5 Minute Journal is the perfect thing to get you started. With daily prompts, inspiring quotes and affirmations, it’s a great way to self reflect and stay positive (and it just takes 5 minutes a day)!



  1. Bobby we are wanting to talk to you about helping us with our design
    challenge. We’ve finished building our new home and we are at a loss of how to furnish our home. We are two gay men in our 60’s and so impressed with you and your design. Please be kind and contact us by email or by phone. Our number is (352) 572-8914 Take care & stay safe. Anxiously awaiting your reply. Gary Wilhelm

    1. Hey Gary, Thanks for reaching out. If you’re interested in our design services you can reach out to xx -B