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Bobby’s Bookmarks: Our Favorites That We’ve Been Bookmarking This Week

Design: Ken Fulk

Friday is (finally) here, and that means we’ve got more of the best things we’ve been bookmarking this week. It’s time to unwind, put your feet up after a long week, and get inspired!

This week we’ve got a brand new batch of links, including a stunning Lake Tahoe home, a playful wallpaper line, a candle and jacket to get cozy for fall, some rustic Italian homes for rent and 3-D printed lighting.

Ready to be inspired? Scroll down for the best of our bookmarks for this week. If you want even more inspiration, click through here to follow us on Pinterest to see everything that we are currently loving.

Photo: Tom Blachford

Lighting, Direct to You

Gantri is a lighting company we recently discovered with a great idea: independent designers create lighting that is 3-D printed, and then shipped directly to you. There are lots of modern designs to chose from that start at under $100, with more being added, and they are all made from corn based materials (really!)

Storybook Design

Maximizing space was the objective for the renovation of this compact victorian home in Australia (called storybook house). The designers also achieved a modern space with smart solutions using simple, but beautiful materials.

Totally Sweet, and Sugar Free

We mentioned this brand in our post Wednesday This, Not That: 10 Simple Food Substitutions and it’s still on our minds. Lily’s chocolates are stevia sweetened and totally sugar free, and come in lots of flavors. It’ s the perfect substitution for all those fun size candy bars you’ll be seeing everywhere this Halloween.

Design: Ken Fulk

Lake Life  

This Lake Tahoe home is anything but your average cabin in the woods. It’s closer to a lodge, with timber trusses, high ceilings and an eclectic mix of rustic and refined furnishings. We wouldn’t mind kicking back and watching the sunset over the lake from anywhere in this place!

Shaping Up Your Walls

Hawkins NY has produced their first wallpaper line in collaboration with artist/designer Alyson Fox. The 6 different patterns all play with shape and lines in interesting ways, and come in array of neutral colorways ranging from warm white to pale pink, grey and black. They’re a great way to add some pattern to your space.

Pitcher Perfect 

Here’s a stylish way to serve up drinks. This glass pitcher has a woven jute handle for an added natural touch, and would be a great textural element in an otherwise simple kitchen. And at under $25 it is an easy addition to your tablescape.

Photo: Riccardo Masoni
Design: Lacomune

Keep on Truckin’ 

Nothing will get you prepared for fall weather like a cozy, fleece lined jacket. This trucker jacket comes in two great fall colors, and can be layered when the weather gets a bit colder. And you won’t get fleeced by the price ($80).

Perfectly Italian  

We shared 6 Last Minute Places to Stay This Weekend on Wednesday, but if you’re looking for a bit longer vacation, then the Serafina Houses may be for you. A collection of 4 homes in the Italian countryside of the Piemonte region, they were renovated by a pair of artists, who kept the unique details and charms in tact. How do you say I’m ready to go now in Italian?

Scent of Fall

Nothing helps us relax and escape quite like scent. This candle can instantly transport you to the forest, with the smell of teakwood, moss and eucalyptus- and it comes in a cute amber glass vessel you can reuse.


Smart Storage 

We’re always looking for stylish storage solutions, and this collection of food canisters totally fits the bill. They’re a great combination of simple shapes with natural materials in the form of a wood top. And they start at just $12!

Nordic Neutrality

This Swedish home is a perfect study in simplicity, neutral colors and carefully chosen furniture and accessories. Everything feels thought out, and it creates a peaceful and calm space, perfect for whiling away a fall afternoon.

Kidding Around 

This children’s chair made by EcoBirdy is a super fun addition to a playroom or kid’s room. And the best part is it’s made entirely from recycled plastic! They’re so great in fact, we wish they came in adult sizes too.